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Collar Bone Fractures in Nursing Homes in Hollywood and South Florida

Collar bone fractures, also known as clavicle breaks, are quite rare in adults, and any collar bone break in a nursing home resident should be scrutinized carefully. It can be a red flag sign of abuse or physical assault. It can also indicate negligence or other wrongdoing which requires your immediate attention.


Collar bone breaks also need immediate attention in any nursing home in Hollywood or southern Florida. These types of injuries take a long time to heal in residents who are 65 years of age or older. These types of fractures also have a high mortality rate and a high rate of complications. Seniors, especially those who are already ill due to other conditions, simply have a hard time recovering from this type of injury.

If a relative or loved one in a nursing home has suffered a clavicle fracture, it is important to ask questions. Ask to see reports and documentation of the incident which led to the injury and ask questions about who was there and what exactly happened. If you’re unsatisfied with the answers, ask for further investigation or contact a Hollywood nursing home abuse and neglect attorney to get more information about what you can do.

Clavicle breaks may be caused by nursing home abuse. Uncovering physical abuse at a nursing home is extremely upsetting for families and can be devastating for residents and the entire community. Unfortunately, uncovering nursing home abuse can also be very challenging. Nursing homes and perpetrators often go to significant lengths to conceal wrongdoing. In addition, it can be difficult to notice when abuse occurs. Victims may be reluctant to speak out or may be too frightened to report their abusers. An abuse incident may be dismissed by a nursing home or may be contradicted by the claims a nursing home makes.

If you are concerned about physical abuse which may be occurring at a nursing home and which may have caused injury to your loved one, contact a Hollywood nursing home abuse and neglect attorney. Attorneys who specialize in this area know how to look for signs of abuse and can help uncover documentation and evidence of wrongdoing. They can also help you and your family seek compensation so you can fully support your loved one as they recover from the abuse. An attorney can explain your options and can help you pursue justice.

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