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Dangerous Myths About Trucking Collisions

Many people have misconceptions about trucking accidents, and unfortunately some of these myths can impact their ability to share the road safely with larger vehicles. Do you believe any of these myths?:

Myth: There’s nothing I can do to stop truck crashes.


The Reality: It can feel futile to try to stop a truck accident. After all, the causes of these collisions can be quite complex, involving a truck driver’s training, defective mechanical parts, roadway design issues, and more. However, while you may not be able to stop all truck collisions you can greatly reduce your own risk of being in a truck collision by driving safely around these larger vehicles.

Myth: Truck crashes are almost always fatal.

The Reality: When you see collisions involving big rigs, tractor trailers, and other commercial vehicles on the news, they tend to be dramatic. However, truck crashes range from relatively minor incidents to very serious collisions involving multiple vehicles. Although serious injuries are more common with truck crashes and commercial vehicles due to the size of the vehicles involves, truck crashes can involve a range of outcomes.

Myth: With new regulations, we don’t have to worry about truck collisions.

The Reality: Whenever new legislation aimed at reducing truck accidents is unveiled, many people think that it will finally be a solution to truck accidents on our roads. While Hours of Service rules and other regulations can help us reduce the risk of truck accidents, however, no regulation can effectively eliminate all crashes. No matter what the laws in your state and no matter how many people are working to keep the roads safe, you still need to be alert and do your part to prevent vehicle accidents.

Myth: I don’t drive on highways much, so I don’t need to worry about trucks.

The Reality: Trucks are everywhere. If you are in a parking lot at a mall or shopping center, you may be passing delivery trucks on the way to your car. If you live on a quiet street in Hollywood, fuel trucks, delivery trucks, moving trucks, dump trucks, and other trucks are probably more common than you realize—and so are truck crashes. No matter where you drive, you need to be aware of blind spots and other considerations when sharing the road with big rigs, tankers, and tractor-trailers.

Myth: Truck drivers get so much training, they can avoid accidents.

The Reality: It’s true that truck drivers get lots of training and are subject to stricter guidelines than passenger car drivers. However, even with extensive training and random checks, human mistakes can still happen. In addition, some truck drivers may continue to be negligent, even with many hours of training.

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