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Dealing with Insurance after a Rental Truck Accident

Many Florida residents rent trucks each year. Rental trucks are a convenient way to move house, haul furniture, or take care of home reno projects without having to buy your own light truck. Unfortunately, each year people are seriously injured or killed in trucking and traffic accidents in Hollywood and Florida involving rental trucks.


There are three main issues that can cause problems with rental trucks:

•Many people who rent trucks are not familiar with these larger vehicles and may not know exactly how to handle them safely
•Investigative journalists have found that some rental truck companies are not very conscientious in maintaining their fleets, meaning that some trucks are in poor condition
•Some people rent trucks in order to drive them to unfamiliar locations – such as a new house – and this can increase the likelihood of a crash
If you have been in a rental truck accident, you will generally have some insurance. You may be covered by your car’s regular insurance, by the insurance you purchased from the rental truck company, or by some other form of insurance. Unfortunately, since a rental truck is not your usual vehicle, you may find yourself involved in insurance dispute in Hollywood or your community. All too often, people who are injured seriously or have suffered property damage due to a rental truck issue find that they struggle to get fair compensation for their injuries.

If you have been injured as a result of a car or truck accident involving a rental truck, it is very important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. These cases are often very complex. The rental truck company will often point fingers or refuse to accept liability, and the agreement that you signed with the company in order to rent a truck may have wording that limits the liability of the company. In addition, even figuring out where to turn for insurance money can be very complicated. In some cases, your credit card company will cover part of the damages, while in other cases you regular car insurance or the truck company insurance carrier is expected to cover part of the damages.

A personal injury attorney can review your rental truck agreement, the state and maintenance of the vehicle involved, and other details of your case. A qualified attorney can help find figure out whether the truck company was negligent in maintaining the vehicle or did anything that could have contributed to the accident. If there are liable parties, a personal injury attorney can help you pursue them in order to get fair compensation. In many cases, you also need help with the insurance process in these cases, and a personal injury attorney can help with this and with negotiating with the insurance carrier.

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