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Elderly Wound Care

As people age, the ability of the body to heal itself becomes less robust. At the same time, elderly people with pre-existing conditions or conditions which limit mobility may be more prone to wounds. For these reasons, it is doubly important for nursing homes to take precautions to treat wounds correctly, to prevent serious complications. When nursing home abuse and neglect occur in Hollywood and other parts of Florida, improper wound care can lead to infections, sepsis, and even fatalities.


Understanding Wounds Sustained by Elderly Residents

Elderly residents of nursing homes may have medical conditions which affect their health and can pose a risk of wounds. For example, residents with limited mobility may be more prone to bed sores or may more easily fall and sustain injury. In these situations, wound and injury prevention is key. If a patient has diabetes or some other medical conditions, they may suffer from wounds more easily and in these cases it may be more challenging to prevent them.

When wounds do occur, it is important for nursing homes to have the training to classify and treat them correctly. This may mean cleaning, bandaging, and monitoring the area. Patients who have a history of wounds or certain medical conditions should be closely supervised to ensure wounds are not hidden and can be treated right away, before they have a chance to worsen. Nursing home staff should also know when to contact a doctor or emergency services about a wound which is not healing correctly.

The type of wound will determine the correct treatment options. For minor, occasional wounds, preventing infection and eliminating the wound so the skin can heal may be the goal. For chronic or serious wounds, the goal may be to stop existing infection and save as much tissue and skin as possible. In all cases, staff should act in the best interests and for the best medical outcome for the resident.

Incorrect Wound Care

Incorrect wound care in Hollywood and Florida nursing homes can occur for a number of reasons. Understaffing or improperly trained staff may not know how to prevent or look for wounds, which can mean wounds develop or are allowed to fester. Incorrect training can mean wounds are not cleaned or bandaged correctly or are not monitored. In some cases, these can lead to life-threatening complications, such as sepsis.

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