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Even Office Jobs in Miami and Florida Involve Some Dangers

Construction site accidents in Miami and other accidents in dangerous workplaces don’t surprise most of us. However, even office jobs can result in workplace injury. If you feel that you are safe because you work in a high-rise or are primarily at a desk, know that there are dangers to your job. You may be at risk of:

1) Workplace violence.

Many people are surprised to realize how often workplace violence can affect Miami and Florida workers in offices and white-collar jobs. During April, for example, people who work in some parts of the financial industry may face violence from others as clients become upset or stressed out over their situations.

In all workplaces, coworkers can also sometimes be aggressive in the workplace, which can lead to serious injury. Employers are expected to take adequate precautions — such as proper employee screening — to ensure workplace security. If they do not, they may be held liable if work injuries occur.


2) Falls.

Falls on flat surfaces and stairs are very common in Miami office environments. If there is an uneven floor, ripped carpet, or poorly maintained floors in your office, you can trip and fall. Stairs can also pose another danger, especially if they are poorly maintained, poorly lit, or lack proper railings. According to OSHA, falls on stairs are among the most common injuries sustained in the workplace.

3) Furniture and machinery related injury.

Even your office furniture can be hazardous. Broken or poorly maintained chairs and desks can crumble, causing crushing injuries or fractures. Photo copiers, faxes, computers, and other machines, and in offices can overheat, shower sparks, or otherwise injure you. Properly maintaining office machinery and furniture is important to maintain safety. If you notice unsafe conditions, report them at once and ask for replacement equipment to stay safe.

4) Repetitive stress injury or strains.

One of the more common injuries for office workers results from strains caused by lifting heavy equipment or boxes of materials or repetitive stress caused by hours of typing, filing, and other tasks. Your workplace may have training to help you find ways to stay safe. You may also be able to use wrist guards, wrist rests, or braces to reduce your risk of repetitive stress injury.

5) Health complications.

Working in an office can expose you to dangerous substances. For example, the chemicals used in printing, faxing, and other office tasks can be dangerous if spilled. In addition, your office may have asbestos if it is an older building and you may be exposed to this dangerous substance during renovations.

Have you been injured in the workplace? It doesn’t matter if you have a high risk job or have suffered a back injury due to your office job. Florida law allows you to seek compensation if you have been significantly injured by someone’s negligence or recklessness. If you would like to learn more and would like to know whether you have a claim in your specific case, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Our team of attorneys has more than sixty years of experience and would be pleased to discuss your potential case with you.