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Halloween Safety

Halloween is supposed to be a holiday of fun and excitement for kids. Unfortunately, some costumes, decorations and traditions can be dangerous. Childhood accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are a concern during this holiday. If you are celebrating this year, make sure you follow these tips for staying safe:


  • Watch out for lights and candles. If you’re hanging up strands of lights, check to make sure that cords are not frayed or worn. Try to avoid using candles, which can easily pose a fire hazard. Instead, use LED lights, which are cooler. There are now even LED lights which mimic candles or which can be placed inside a jack-o’-lantern for light. They may be a better option than candles.
  • Do a final costume check before the big night. Make sure that there are no cords or long hems that pose a strangulation or tripping hazard. Make sure there are no pieces which can detach and pose a tripping hazard or any loose elements which can get tangled up and pose a strangulation danger. Also, make sure your child can see and can stay visible in the costume. This may mean attaching reflective tape to the costume or ensuring that your child is using face paint instead of masks. Even big wigs and hats can lead to visibility challenges, so do a costume fitting and ask your child to walk around to ensure they can move around easily and can still see well with the costume on. Checking now ensures any last-minute issues don’t pose unneeded dangers.
  • Prepare to offer lots of supervision. Your child should be supervised during trick-or-treating at all times. You don’t want your child to get lost or to put themselves at risk of a pedestrian accident because there isn’t adequate supervision. Where possible, have multiple adults or older children watching the kids at all times. A large group of adults ensures that one child doesn’t get overlooked during a distraction or problem. Consider trick or treating in groups, too, since this can make your group more visible to drivers.
  • Use extra caution as a driver. If possible, stay off the road on Halloween, especially in communities where there’s lots of trick-or-treating. If you do need to get somewhere, slow down, put away all distractions can stay alert. Don’t drive when distracted or fatigued. You will need your full focus to ensure you do not cause an injury or accident.

If you or your child is injured on Halloween, you can always contact the Hollywood, Homestead, or Miami offices of Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our compassionate staff would be happy to explain your legal options and available resources to you.