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Halloween Tips to Keep Things Scary but Safe

The only scary things about Halloween should be the ghost stories and the decorations. Children should still stay safe from pedestrian accidents, trip and fall accidents, and other dangers. Unfortunately, Halloween does come with its share of hazards and police recommend a few safety tips for parents to follow:

1) Children under the age of 12 should be supervised when trick or treating.

Have adults go with them to ensure that that they stay safe. Adults can remind children to use caution when crossing the street and can remind children to avoid houses that don’t have lights on.


2) Consider your route carefully for trick-or-treating.

Ideally, choose a residential area with good sidewalks and plenty of lighting. Avoid areas where most homes are dark and areas where traffic is heavy. An area where you’re familiar with many of the residents is ideal.

3) Choose costumes carefully.

Costumes should be visible and should allow for maximum visibility. Anything with large hoods or masks can hinder visibility and make trip and fall accidents more likely. Ideally, costumes should be made from light material or should have reflective pieces to make them easily visible. Look out for anything with drawstrings, long hems, or any pieces that can break off or can become trapped around a child’s legs or arms. Anything that hinders mobility can easily lead to falls.

4) Bring a flashlight.

Each child and adult going out for trick-or-treating should be carrying a flashlight. Flashlights make children more visible to drivers and also make it easier to see in the dark.

5) Only approach homes with lights on.

Even when the lights are on, stay on the porch or the front step, where you can easily be seen from the street. Never enter a stranger’s house alone.

6) Inspect the candy before eating.

Although pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are more common than tainted candy, it pays to be extra cautious. Always look over candy before eating it and avoid eating any homemade treats unless they come from someone you know.

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