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How Are Truck Accidents And Car Accidents In Hollywood Different?

Commercial truck accidents are very different than passenger car accidents in Hollywood for a number of reasons:

1) There are more likely to be multiple liable parties in commercial truck accidents. In commercial truck accident cases in Hollywood, the truck driver, motor carrier, the person responsible for loading the cargo, the person owning the cargo, the manufacturer of the truck, and anyone who rented or owned the truck can all be liable parties. While a passenger car accident usually involves just the driver and their insurance company, with a commercial truck there may be multiple parties responsible for loading the truck, maintaining it, and getting it on the road. While this can increase the chances that you will get fair compensation if you pursue multiple liable parties, it can also make the case more complex.


2) Commercial truck accidents usually involve powerful teams of attorneys and strong defendants. Motor carriers are powerful companies in many cases have teams of attorneys to aggressively advocate on their behalf. It can be harder to get fair compensation in these situations since there’s often a lot of finger-pointing involved.

3) The injuries sustained in commercial truck accidents are more likely to be devastating. Head injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, amputations, paralysis, and fatalities are the common result of big rig and tractor trailer crashes. The larger size of the vehicles creates more force in an impact accident, and this leads to more serious injuries – as well as greater suffering and greater medical costs for the victims.

4) It may be harder for victims to get fair compensation in some truck accident cases. Many survivors in a traffic accident in Hollywood assume that car insurance companies will take care of all the costs of their injuries. However, the high costs associated with these accidents as well as the power of the defendants often means that motor carriers and their insurance companies will take steps to reduce their liability and the amount of money that they need to pay. Defendants and their insurance companies may move to reduce the costs of the damages to them, and this can make it harder for victims to get fair compensation. It is one of the key reasons why many accident survivors turn to personal injury attorneys in order to fight for their rights.

5) Commercial truck drivers and motor carriers are subject to many federal and state laws. If these rules have been violated, there may be criminal charges and in some cases accident survivors can use this to agitate for fairer compensation.

6) The victim in the car accident is more likely to be blamed in these types of accidents. Even if a truck driver was speeding or otherwise contributed to the accident, it can be easier to accuse the driver of the car, who after all has less experience and training than a commercial truck driver. If you have been accused of causing an accident, it can be even harder to get compensation and you may need to work with a personal injury attorney to get answers and compensation.

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