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How Personal Injury Investigations Work in Miami and Other Cities

If you have been injured in a car accident in Miami or any other type of incident, an investigation will usually be launched. For example, if you have been injured in a roadway accident or workplace accident in Miami or another city, you will generally qualify for insurance benefits and the insurance company will launch its own investigation into the incident. If there is a suspicion that your injuries were caused by a criminal act, there may also be an investigation launched by authorities, although in some cases authorities rely on insurance company findings for their own investigation.

If you work with a personal injury attorney in Miami or your community, your personal injury attorney will likely work with accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, and other professionals to investigate your case. This is important since it can bring evidence to light that was not uncovered in the official investigation or the insurance investigation.


Both in the insurance investigation and in any investigation overseen by an attorney, the main goal is often to decide liability. This is because in order for plaintiffs to succeed in recovering damages, they must prove damages as well as liability. In any investigation, investigators are also typically trying to find a link between an injury and the accident. For example, in an intersection accident in Miami or another city, investigators may try to determine how the collision caused a spinal cord injury or other trauma.

The investigation itself will usually involve:

•Speaking to witnesses
•Gathering evidence, including multiple and detailed photos of any damages
•Gathering clues, such as trademarks or metal deformation in a car accident case
•Getting an expert’s opinion about injuries and the causes of an injury
•Seeking other victims who have been injured in the same way (for example, seeking others who have been injured using the same product in a products liability case)
•Getting information about the plaintiff, including medical history and any previous legal claims or felonies
•Getting medical records or securing medical testing to determine the nature, costs, and cause of injuries sustained
•Interviewing the plaintiff
•Interviewing the defendant or running a background check on them
•Researching known associates and neighbors of the parties involved
•Securing police records and any information regarding a police investigation
•Interviewing first responders at the scene
•Securing a truck’s “black box” and driver logs in the event of a trucking accident
•Securing any security or surveillance camera footage of the area where the incident took place
•Hiring a forensics investigator to look into the finances or phone or computer records of people pertinent to the case
•Compiling evidence of a plaintiff’s losses and damages
A good personal injury attorney in Miami will act quickly to launch an investigation and will have access to the professionals who can handle the investigation well.

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