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Inadequate Security at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes need to be safe environments. Sometimes, residents of these homes have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or mental illnesses which can make them behave erratically. In some cases, they may lash out or act of violence. In addition, nursing homes are open environments to other people may enter the home and this it is incumbent upon nursing homes to maintain a safe environment for residents, staff and visitors.


There are many ways that nursing homes can maintain adequate security. These include:

  • Hiring off-duty police officers or other security staff. Security staff can help break up possible arguments inside the home and can help ensure that the people entering the nursing home are supposed to be there. It can be especially useful to have security at the entrances to monitor entrances and exits.
  • Properly screening and training staff. Staff should be properly trained to dispel conflict. They should know what to do in case of an alarm or dangerous situation. Staff should also be carefully screened to ensure they do not have a history of dangerous or violent behavior.
  • Having proper policies in place for resident violence. There should be policies in place to address issues involving violence perpetrated by residents. This may mean running background checks on potential residents or separating residents who have acted in unsafe ways in the past.
  • Including proper lighting on the grounds and inside the facility. Proper lighting and visibility can ensure perpetrators cannot move around the building as easily or can’t gain access due to poorly lit or shrub-covered windows or doors.
  • Using security cameras to deter crime and to help capture perpetrators. Security cameras can not only deter crime but can also help capture suspects if a break and enter or an assault occurs on the premises.
  • Alerting staff and residents of dangers in the area. Nursing homes can keep alert to crimes within their area and can take safety precautions if there is a sudden increase in specific crimes in the community.
  • Proper maintenance of grounds and buildings. Doors, windows, lighting and other areas should be checked regularly and maintained properly so that it is difficult for trespassers to enter the area. This may mean having a sign-in book for all guests and ensuring that nonessential doors are locked to prevent not only crimes but also to prevent residents from wandering off.

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