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What to Do if You Are Injured this Holiday Season While Visiting a Property or Business

This holiday season, your errand list may be quite long. You may need to visit a number of businesses in order to get all your shopping done and in order to handle all the errands you have to complete. In addition, you may be treating yourself to a few dinners out or you may be attending special work dinners or holiday events at restaurants, art galleries, conference halls, or hotels.


What happens if you’re injured this holiday season, however, while visiting a place of business? Whether you slip on the floor in a store, trip over debris at a restaurant, or are attacked outside of an art gallery, you may have legal options you haven’t considered.

In Hollywood and across Florida, business owners have a duty of care to their customers and to their clients. No matter what kind of business you visit, the business owner has an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety. This may mean:

  • Hiring extra security if the businesses is in an unsafe area or has seen recent attacks
  • Having a cleaning schedule in place to wipe up any spills or debris
  • Training employees to report and look for any obvious hazards
  • Properly maintaining the property so that the floors, ceilings, and other parts of the structure are safe
  • Promptly fixing any dangerous conditions – such as broken stairs or railings
  • Clearly indicating any areas where customers cannot enter – such as balconies or other unsecured locations
  • Putting up signs when a hazard can’t be cleared up promptly

The Holidays and Premises Liability

At this time of year, injuries at businesses may be even more common. Crowds in restaurants, an increase in criminal activity due to the financial pressure the holidays, and overcrowded stores can all lead to injuries and accidents. However, by law the holiday season is no excuse. Even with a busier time of year, business owners are expected to take reasonable steps to keep you safe.

What to do if you are Injured

Unfortunately, when a customer or client is injured on a business property, insurance companies and business owners will sometimes claim that it is the customer’s fault. They may allege that a customer failed to act reasonably, failed to use proper caution, or otherwise engaged in reckless behavior that led to the accident.

It’s upsetting and frightening enough to be seriously injured, but it can be even more devastating to be blamed for causing the incident or injury. If you have been injured in a slip and fall, trip and fall, or any accident on a business property, you deserve to know the facts about your rights. You deserve to know whether you have a claim and how much that claim may be worth.

Before you accept any explanation or any settlement related to your case, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case consultation. In a free, thorough analysis of your case our attorneys can offer you advice and information so you understand your options and the legal avenues open to you. Based on this information, you can make the right decisions when it comes to your future.