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Injuries at School

Every day, you send your children off to school to get an education. You hope that your child’s time at school gives them a chance to make friends and creates the opportunity for a brighter future. Unfortunately, about 4 million children and teens across the country are injured on school property or while in the care of their schools each year.


Most school administrators and teachers genuinely care about their students and work hard to make sure that all their students are safe. Unfortunately, bad policies, negligence, budget cuts, and overcrowded classrooms can mean that school injuries happen even with the best intentions. No parent wants to get that devastating call from the school, telling them that their child has been injured. Families who have suffered a school injury in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida deserve answers and support.

Common School Injuries

Injuries at school take many forms:

  • Pedestrian accidents, school crossing accidents, or traffic accidents on or near school property
  • Injuries resulting from bullying
  • School bus accidents
  • Playground injuries and accidents
  • Abuse or assault by teachers or staff
  • Physical education or gym injuries
  • Injuries related to science class or art class, where children may be exposed to dangerous chemicals or equipment
  • Food-related injuries caused by unsafe food or by lack of attention to allergies
  • Medical negligence or injuries related to a student not getting adequate medical help when needed
  • Sports injuries
  • Injuries on school trips
  • Injuries related to after-school activities

School injuries in Hollywood and other South Florida communities can lead to burns, slip and fall or trip and fall injuries, facial injuries, fractures, and even permanent injury.

Preventing School Injuries

There are many steps parents can take to reduce the chances their child will be injured at school:

  • Teach your child about safety. Help your child understand how to stay safe when crossing the street, taking part in activities, or playing a sport. Make it clear to your child that they should do what adults tell them to do but also teach them to ask an adult to call you if they’re worried that something unsafe is going on.
  • Get to know your child’s teachers. You can learn more about what goes on in the classroom and on the school grounds and you can work to become an ally with your child’s teacher to promote safety at school.
  • Take part in school life if you can. Go to school activities and volunteer to take part in school trips or other events. An extra set of eyes will help keep everyone safer and you’ll get to know the people at your child’s school so you can work together to keep all the students safe.
  • Listen to your child. Express interest in your child’s school day and learn about what goes on an at school. If your child reports anything that worries you or if your child has any worries about what goes on at school, take action. Contact the school and teacher to get answers.
  • Learn about safety policies at the school and school board. What steps are being taken to keep your child and other children safe? If you notice policies missing or if you’re concerned about something your child says, talk to the school and your child’s teachers.

What to Do if Your Child is Injured at School

A child injury is the nightmare of most Hollywood and Florida parents. If your child has been injured, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time. The attorneys at our law firm understand that you deserve answers and support. In a free consultation, we’d be happy to review your situation. If you qualify for a legal claim to secure compensation to pay for the best possible care for your child, we can discuss that. If there are other options, we can review those, as well.