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Keeping Homestead Kids Safe: Preventing Injury in Youth Sports

Research has shown that youth participation in sports can help build confidence, good fitness levels, discipline, leadership skills, social skills, and more. Student athletes also qualify for scholarships and other awards. While there are certainly many benefits to taking part in sports during high school and college, athletes are at risk for certain types of injuries.


This month is National Youth Sports Safety Month, and it’s a good time to make sure that you and your child’s school are doing everything possible to keep your child safe. This month, you will want to:

1) Find out the school’s policies for sports.

What steps does the school take to make sure that only qualified coaches and assistants are assisting your child as they play sports? Find out what policies the school has for serious sports injuries. Unfortunately, head injuries in Hollywood and other communities are sometimes underreported. Studies have shown that sports injuries in Hollywood and other communities can be serious and can have lifelong effects. If your child sustains a concussion or other potential head injury on the field, they should be evaluated by a physician immediately and should not return to play until they get a doctor’s clearance. Make sure that the school supports this and other proper precautions when it comes to your children.

2) Make sure that your child has the proper athletic wear and safety gear for their sport.

Helmets, visors, and other safety equipment can help protect your child from a variety of sports injuries. Kneepads and other padding can also help prevent serious injury, especially in contact sports. If it has been a while since your child has updated his or her gear, ask whether there is a need for new helmets or other equipment. Make sure that your child has good mouth guards if they are playing in a contact sport where facial or eye injuries are possible.

3) Sign your child up for additional training or classes.

Youth athletes may be more likely to be injured if they don’t have the skills to play at the level they’re playing. If your child is just starting out in a sport they should start slow. Get your child additional lessons with a qualified instructor to make sure that they build the skills they need to stay safe while enjoying their sport.

4) Talk to your child about safety and sports.

Make sure that your young athletes know that they can say no if they feel unsafe during practice or in a game. Talk to them about ways that they can stay safer when playing. No child should be injured because they were playing a sport.

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