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Could Your Landlord Be Liable for Your Injuries?

If you rent a home in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida and you are injured at home, your landlord may be liable if their negligence or recklessness caused your injuries. This is especially the case if you are injured outside the property or on common areas, such as hallways between apartments or the front entryway to the building.


How can you be sure whether the landlord is liable for your injuries? In many cases, signs of negligence can include:

1) Poor maintenance of the building.

Are steps broken or uneven? Are railings on stairs broken or missing? Are pieces of ceiling or roof so poorly maintained that they are at risk of falling? Are floors uneven or so poorly maintained that they pose a tripping hazard?

2) Inadequate lighting.

If parking lots and common areas are poorly lit, and you suffer trip and fall injuries or assault at your Hollywood or South Florida home, the landlord may be held partly liable if the poor lighting contributed to your accident or assault. Landlords are expected to keep their property safe, and when they do not and tenants are injured as a result, tenants may have a legal claim.

3) Lack of proper safety features.

Does your property have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors that comply with current laws? Is there a buzzer system or other system so that you can screen visitors? Do the windows open properly so that you can escape in the event of a fire? Is there a fire escape? Is your apartment provided with adequate locks to keep you safe in your home? A landlord or property manager that does not offer or properly maintain any safety features could be putting you at risk and may be held liable if tenants are injured.

4) Lax access policies.

Can just anyone access your building? There should be a system that prevents intruders from entering common areas. If the front door has a lock, that lock should be functional. If the landlord hires maintenance workers or other employees who have access to tenant’s units or common areas, those employees should be screened.

5) Poor response to requests for maintenance.

What happens when you report a broken smoke detector, poor maintenance, or other issues? Is the problem resolved quickly? Or do you have to send out multiple reminders? If a landlord knows about a problem but fails to fix it and an injury occurs, the injured party may have a legal case.

To find out whether you have a legal claim against a landlord or any other party, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. An experienced attorney can tell you who is liable and can help you understand whether you have a case. These cases can sometimes be complex and can vary depending on whether your injuries occurred in common areas or in your own unit. An experienced attorney understands the relevant laws so that they can offer you legal advice and guidance.

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