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If you’re flying out of Miami on your next flight, you’re lucky to fly out of a large international airport with many options and amenities. However, no matter which airport you visit, you need to consider safety first.


Miami airport and all airports have large groups of people, heavy pedestrian and car traffic, and many hazards. Someone’s spilled coffee or dropped luggage can pose a slip and fall or trip and fall hazard. Car accidents in drop-off areas and parking spaces are also a concern, as is personal safety. Whether you are flying out of Miami or another airport, there are several ways to stay safe:

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Of course, many of us know that drunk driving or speeding can lead to a serious car accident in Hollywood or our communities. But many of us engage in simple habits that increase our risk of injury.


If you have any of these habits, for instance, they may well increase your risk of an injury:

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Young adults moving away from home or out of the dorms for the first time and into an apartment may not be familiar with the process of seeking a good quality apartment and this can lead to injuries and legal claims. Many premises liability claims in Homestead and across South Florida are caused by property owners who do not take adequate care of their properties.



If you are just starting your apartment search, there are several things you can do to ensure you get a safe apartment:

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Aggression in a Homestead or Florida workplace can lead to injuries or at the very least, a toxic environment. Employers have an obligation to provide a reasonably safe environment for employees, and that means having systems in place to prevent anger and violence. Workplaces can do that with these tips:


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Alcohol is known to cause car accidents in Homestead and across the country, but many people do not realize how dangerous fatigue can be. Most of us brush off tiredness as a fact of life. After all, many of us lead busy lives and sometimes not getting enough sleep is just a problem.


However, many types of personal injury, including injuries caused by car accidents, are linked to fatigue. There are many ways a few nights of lost sleep can translate to serious injury:

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While Florida is known for its warm and sunny weather, nights can still be cool and many of us want a cozy space heater to stay warm and comfortable. Space heaters range from simple and small devices to larger items which mimic the look and flames of a fireplace. In both cases, these products can be a safe and effective way to stay warm, but they do come with risks.


To avoid a fire in your Homestead or Florida home, follow these tips:

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Dangerous products in Homestead and across Florida cause many injuries, fires, and even fatalities each year. Whether you are buying cosmetics, electronics, toys, or any other product online, make sure you consider safety first. Many websites offer specialty products and amazing discounts. While online shopping can be fun (and a bargain) not everything you buy online is safe.


Use these tips to stay safe when shopping virtually:

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, but in Homestead and across the country, it is also the site of many serious injuries, including burns. Further, what happens in your kitchen is also important for helping you avoid food-borne illness.


There are many ways you can make your kitchen safer:

In Homestead and across South Florida, fall injuries lead to fractures, cuts, head injuries, fatalities, bruises, and other injuries each year. Whether in the home or in the workplace, ladder safety is essential. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that there were more than 630,000 injuries involving ladders across the country in 2015 alone, and in many cases these injuries can be prevented with a few simple tips:


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Driving at night can mean poorer visibility and sleepiness, but it can also mean fewer cars on the road. Many motorists assume that there are fewer dangers on the roads at night because there is less traffic, but this is not the case. In addition to the unique risks of this time, truck drivers trying to make deadlines may be driving at night, and you may be less visible than a large big rig.


If you’re sharing the road with tractor trailers and 18-wheelers at night, you need to do everything possible to make sure truck drivers can see you. You can do this when you:

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