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Premises Liability Issues in Home Offices

If you have a home office and do some of your work at home or run a business out of your home, keep in mind that there are some unique legal issues and premises liability issues surrounding your workplace. You may need more insurance to protect yourself from a lawsuit, especially if you meet clients in your home office or have deliveries made to your home business.


There are several questions that you will want ask to determine whether you are doing everything possible to avoid legal action:

1) Do I receive deliveries at home or see clients in my home? If clients or delivery personnel come to your home as part of your job, they can pursue legal action against you if they are injured on your property. You need to make sure that you carry extra insurance if you do have people visiting your home office or home-based business. If you see clients in your home, especially, you need to make sure that you have coverage in case anyone is injured.

2) Does my work require certification or licensing? If so, you need to make sure that you have the certification in place – and that you keep it current.

3) Does my insurer know that I’m using my residence as a place of business? If they do not, your insurance may be invalid or the insurer may refuse to honor your coverage if there is a claim related to your job.

4) Am I covered if I am injured at home on the job? When you suffer a workplace injury in Homestead or any South Florida community, you are generally covered by workers compensation. This may not be the case if you work from home or are self-employed. If you work from home or have a flexible agreement with your employer, you want to make sure that if you are injured at home while working, you are covered for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. This may mean working out an agreement with your employer or getting additional private insurance.

5) Am I private contractor or an employee? If you are an employee and have a telecommuting or flexible time agreement, you may be covered under your employer’s plan for medical coverage and other insurance benefits. As a private contractor, however, you are responsible for your own insurance. In this case, you want to secure the most robust coverage you can for yourself and for anyone who visits you in a business capacity.

Keep in mind that businesses have a big obligation to clients and to those who do business with them. If you are starting a business from home or working from home, make sure that you get advice about insurance and other protections you may need to guard yourself against legal action.

Have you been injured while visiting a small business in Homestead or another community? You may have a legal claim against a business if the business owner was negligent in providing a safe environment for you. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case assessment.