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Prevent Sports Injuries in the New Year

At this time of year, many people in Hollywood and across South Florida are setting their New Year’s resolutions. One of most popular resolutions most years revolves around losing weight. Many people want to get thinner and more fit, so most gyms will see an increase in business during the first few weeks of the new year.


While a more active lifestyle is great – researchers have linked regular exercise to a lower risk of heart disease and a lower risk of some cancers and other serious life-threatening illnesses – going from a sedentary lifestyle to a very active one can increase your risk of a sports injury.

If you want to get in shape in the New Year but want to do so without injuring yourself, keep these sports injury prevention guidelines in mind:

1) See your doctor first.

Before starting any exercise program, see your physician. Depending on how out of shape you are or how long you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, getting in shape could put you at risk of strains, sprains, and other injuries. Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle and health goals, and work together to develop a plan that will keep you safe while helping you reach your target.

2) Start slow.

Overdoing it increases the chances of an injury, which can sideline your goals. Always start with lower impact exercise and gradually increase intensity and duration as your body becomes more fit. Research has shown starting small can improve your chances of realizing your goals and can decrease your chances of sports injury in Hollywood or your community.

3) Use the right safety equipment if you’re taking part in a contact sport.

If you’re going to get in shape by playing contact sports such as football, make sure that you have the correct padding, helmets, and other gear to protect yourself. Look for new, high-quality safety equipment that will offer the maximum amount of protection and wear it correctly each time you play.

4) Know the signs of strains and head injuries.

If you take part in strenuous exercise or any sort of contact sport, especially, know when you’re overdoing it. Understand that pain doesn’t equal a better workout, and could signal an injury. Similarly, if you’re playing a contact sport, know what the signs of concussion are and seek help immediately if you hit your head during a sports activity.

5) If you’re taking part in extreme sports or contact sports, get professional guidance.

A professional, qualified trainer or coach can ensure you meet your goals while staying safe on the playing field. They can help you avoid injury and can offer immediate help if you are injured.

If you are injured because of a negligent gym safety program or other sign of the negligence, contact Flaxman Law Group. Through our offices in Hollywood, Homestead, and Miami, we’re happy to help those who have been injured across South Florida. Your first consultation with us is free, and it’s your chance to talk to our legal staff about your questions and concerns.