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Prevent Pool Injury and Drowning in Homestead or Your Community This Summer

Pools are a major cause of child injury in Homestead and Florida, especially during the summer months. During this time of the year, beaches are filled with families, pool parties are common, and public pools offer special summer programs. While all of these can be fun, they can also pose a danger, especially for children. According to statistics, Florida has the highest rate of drownings for children 13 years and younger. For Florida children between the ages of one and four, drowning is the leading cause of death. In the state, drowning rates for those under the age of 5 are double what they are in the rest of the country.

According to safety experts, one of the best ways to keep children safe from injury is to teach them swimming skills early on in life. Children who are strong swimmers may have a lower risk of pool injury and drowning in Homestead or their community. Many pools and community centers offer low-cost swimming lessons for children and many communities even have free programs. It is important to start lessons early, where possible. Even babies who can crawl can be taught to float on their backs – a skill that could save their life.


Another important line of defense is to secure any pool area in your home. If you have a pool, it is important to have it protected by a fence and a self-locking gate to prevent children from wandering into the pool area alone. A motion-sensitive alarm that sounds when someone is in the pool area is also a smart safety precaution. Even a simple door alarm in a pool area can be a very easy way to keep a pool safe and these basic alarms can cost as little as $10. Installing good security systems around the pool not only improves safety but can also protect you from a premises liability claim in your Homestead or Florida home.

A final piece of the solution is to ensure good supervision. According to safety experts, any time that children are around water – whether that means at a pool, beach, lake, in a boat or bathtub – proper supervision is vital. Even if a child knows how to swim, they can panic if they get into trouble in the water and can still be at risk.

The Florida Department of Health and the DFC have teamed up with Florida YMCAs to launch the “Eyes on the Kids” program to promote good supervision this summer when children are around water. The message is simple: when children are around water it is important for adults to avoid texting or anything else that could distract them from safety.

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