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Preventing Ear Injuries in Hollywood and Across South Florida

Ear injuries in Hollywood and Florida are a common occurrence, especially for children. Although most of us consider ear injuries to be fairly minor, they can cause serious complications. Ear injuries, left untreated, can lead to lifelong and permanent injury or can affect hearing for a lifetime. Serious trauma to the ear can also result in head trauma and permanent injury.


There many ways that ear injuries can occur. They can occur due to:

1) External injuries.

Even minor injuries to the external ear or to the ear canal can lead to infection that can spread to other parts of the ear and even to the brain. Frostbite, scrapes, burns, and cuts can all become infected. If you or your child has a minor injury to the ear area, be sure to keep the area clean. Seek medical attention at once if the injury does not heal or seems to get worse.

2) Insertion of an object.

Inserting anything to scratch the ear canal or to try to remove wax can cause a ruptured eardrum. This type of hole or tear in the eardrum can affect hearing permanently and can also lead to infection. Doctors recommend gently using a washcloth to clean the outside of the year but tell patients to never insert anything into the ear itself. Ears are essentially self-cleaning, and the wax that is inside the ear helps protect the ear from dust, infection, mold, and anything else that can enter the ear canal. If you feel that you have a buildup of wax, you can visit your doctor to have it safely removed.

3) Loud noises.

Listening to loud noises repeatedly can and result in noise-induced hearing loss.

4) Direct trauma.

Sports injuries, car accidents in Hollywood, and slip and fall accidents can cause trauma to the outside of the ear and can also cause tearing or ripping of the ear drum. A fall or blunt force trauma can damage the inside of the ear or can lead to blood clots or considerable bruising, which can damage the outer ear. If you have suffered a severe blunt force trauma to the head, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. In addition to suffering an ear injury, you may have suffered a severe head injury and it is important to get this checked immediately in order to start treatment.

Have you suffered any ear injury, loss of hearing, or other problems with your hearing or ear? In some cases, you may have a legal claim. For example, if you have suffered noise-induced hearing loss due to your job because your workplace failed to provide you with proper education or proper safety gear, you may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney about your situation. You may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. If you have suffered an ear injury due to a car accident, trip and fall accident, or other injury, you may also have a claim.

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