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Preventing Muggings and Theft at This Time of Year

At this time of year, muggings and theft are more common. Many people are heading out to complete their holiday shopping and this means some perpetrators are targeting those people who may be walking around with larger amounts of cash or with expensive purchases. Property owners are expected to take steps to keep shoppers and visitors safe at this time of year and if they fail to do so they may be subject to a premises liability claim in Homestead or their community.

Since online sales and retail sales are also skyrocketing at this time of year, some fraudsters target buyers electronically, meaning identity theft is also a concern at this time of year. Business owners are expected to take reasonable steps — such as encrypting their websites and training employees — to prevent identity theft.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to stay safer:

1) Travel smart.

If you’re traveling, going shopping, or going to special holiday event, avoid wearing flashy jewelry, accessories, or otherwise expensive items unless you know security will be good. You will be less of a target if you aren’t wearing something which has a high resale value. When traveling, keep your wallet close your person, and firmly in a pocket close to your body on the inside of your clothes. Only bring enough cash and cards for your purchases and make sure to stash copies of your cards home.

2) Protect expensive purchases.

If you’re making more expensive purchases at this time of year or buying generous gifts, consider delivery services to avoid having to walk through parking lots or malls with expensive items. Consider getting warrantees or insurance on most expensive items and purchase them with a credit card, which offers you some measure of protection.

3) Keep an eye on your accounts.

Regularly check your credit card accounts and bank statements. Are you seeing any unexplained purchases or charges? Report any such activity immediately and take steps to protect yourself from further unauthorized charges.

4) Use extra caution in parking lots and in deserted areas.

Poorly lit parking lots and areas with fewer pedestrians pose an increased risk of mugging and theft. Always use added caution in these areas and consider doing your shopping during hours when other shoppers will be around.

Retail stores and other establishments are expected to take steps to keep shoppers safe. If you have been injured due to poor lighting, poor security, or other instances of negligence in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. You may have a claim to secure compensation for your injuries and damages.