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Preventing Senior Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can involve name-calling, verbal harassment, insults and other forms of verbal intimidation or harm. Although it leaves no physical bruises or injuries, emotional abuse is very serious. It can lead to depression, upset, changes in personality, or even sleeping disorders. In addition, senior emotional abuse can be extremely painful and can eventually escalate to physical abuse.


Stopping senior emotional abuse in Hollywood and other South Florida cities is important, but unfortunately all too often this type of harm goes unnoticed and unchecked. Not only is emotional abuse difficult to notice, but in many cases authorities do not always take this form of harm seriously enough.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or any care environment, there are several steps you will want to take to prevent emotional abuse:

  • Visit often. Frequent visits can help you notice anything wrong and can ensure you have a strong bond with your family member or friend, making it more likely that they will trust you and feel comfortable enough with you to communicate any issues.
  • Get to know the signs of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can lead to depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, personality changes, withdrawn behavior, fear, anxiety, and other symptoms. Any time you notice a sudden, unexplained change in someone you know, it deserves additional investigation.
  • Check caregivers carefully. One of the best ways to prevent any form of senior abuse in Hollywood and across the country is by carefully screening caregivers. If your friend or family member is in a nursing home or facility, check ratings and past experiences other families have had with the same facility. Ask about screening procedures for staff and residents. If you are hiring an individual caregiver or a family member is a caregiver, make sure they have plenty of support, so they do not become overwhelmed with their task. Overworked and under-supported caregivers are more likely to take out their frustrations on their charge.
  • Talk to senior friends and family members. Frequent discussion can make it easier for you to detect personality changes and other symptoms of abuse. Frequent discussion can also make it easier for a friend or family member to confide in you if something is wrong.
  • Share information about emotional abuse. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about emotional abuse or the serious harm it can cause. Sharing information about emotional abuse with seniors and with family and friends who are younger helps raise awareness and may improve the likelihood others will notice when abuse occurs.

If a loved one has been abused and has suffered an injury at the hands of a caregiver and you would like to know what legal options you have, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a Hollywood senior abuse attorney. Flaxman Law Group has offices in Miami, Hollywood, and Homestead to serve you better.