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Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Be More Concerned About Truck Accidents in Miami and Other Florida Cities at This Time of Year

Truck accidents in Miami and other Florida communities are a year-round problem. Throughout all seasons, truck collisions cause hazardous spills, fatalities, and serious injuries. Each year, for example, people are rushed to local emergency rooms in Miami with burns and head injuries caused by truck collisions. In the summer, however, truck accidents can be an even greater risk for a few reasons:

1) Traffic tends to change during the summer. In the summer months, traffic patterns change for a few reasons:

•Seasonal businesses mean different trucks and more trucks on the roads
•Summer means more tourists on the roads, sharing space with trucks
•There are more pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the roadways with traffic
•Roadwork can mean traffic detours and changing road conditions
All of these changes may mean that drivers need to adapt to new road conditions to avoid being involved in a truck or car accident in Miami or their community.

2) There are more trucks – and different types of trucks — on the roads in the summer. Miami really comes alive in the summer, and this can mean more trucks on the roads as businesses order more products to meet tourist and customer demands. Higher truck traffic can mean more traffic collisions in Miami and surrounding areas, especially if the new truck routes are taken over by new drivers who are less familiar with the challenges of driving in Miami. Another road hazard at this time of year is that there are different types of trucks on the road – each with their own hazards. Moving trucks are more common at this time of year, for example, and can cause accidents. Food trucks and trucks moving event-related equipment are also more common and can cause unique challenges on the road.

3) Heat and weather become a factor during the summer. Miami summers mean high heat, humidity, and sometimes heavy showers. Unfortunately, these weather conditions can all contribute to truck, car and motorcycle accidents in Miami and across Florida. Heat can magnify drowsiness and fatigue while rain can cause slippery road conditions. Heat can also put extra pressure on older cars and especially on tires, potentially leading to tire blowouts and other problems. Glare and bright sunlight can easily cause car and pedestrian collisions in Miami and surrounding areas because bright sunlight reduces a driver’s ability to see clearly.

The bottom line is simple: driving conditions change considerably from season to season and to avoid collisions in the summer it is important for all Miami drivers to use extra caution and to adjust their driving to the conditions.

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