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Reduce Dog Bites this Thanksgiving

Dog bites in Hollywood and Florida homes are a concern, especially during the holidays. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s important to put a focus on animal safety, especially if you have children or will have children visiting your home.


The holidays can be just as stressful for pets as they are for people. The changes and extra visits to the home can upset dogs and can make bites more likely. Animal experts recommend pet owners take a few steps to prevent dog bites at this time of year:

1) Supervise animals closely.

Supervision is the best way to prevent dog bites in your home. Avoid leaving your dog alone, especially with strangers or children. Keep an eye on your dog so you can respond to early signs of stressed or aggressive behavior – before it escalates.

2) Try to maintain routines and stay aware of stressors.

The holidays disrupt routines and can create a lot of extra noise – such as holiday music, the doorbell, and other noises – all of which can be stressful for pets. As much as possible, try to maintain feeding times and other routines. Avoid loud sounds and bright lights as much as possible and limit any noises or decorations that scare your pets.

3) Spend time with your pets.

Carve out some time alone with your pets to lavish attention on them. Take them out for frequent exercise to strengthen your bond and to give them a chance to work off excess energy and stress.

4) When guests come over, consider keeping your pets somewhere else.

Keep your dogs in a separate part of the house (with some toys, a bed, and a snack). This is especially important if children are coming over as guests or if there is a big crowd. With a larger crowd, you may not be able to supervise your pet at all times, so keeping dogs and guests separate is safer for everyone.

5) Be careful with holiday foods and decorations.

Holiday foods can upset your pet’s stomach and small decorations can easily be swallowed. A sick dog can have less patience and may be more prone to biting, so safeguard you pet’s health.

6) Visit the vet if your pet it behaving differently.

If you notice your dog is struggling with stress or seems ill or snappish, visit the vet. If the problem is stress, your vet can take action – before the stress causes health concerns or aggression. If your pet is getting ill, prompt medical attention can improve chances of a full recovery.

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