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Road Debris Truck Crashes in Hialeah or Your Community

Trucks carry cargo all over the state and all across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes debris falls from trucks and ends up on our roads. In some cases, this debris is dangerous and can cause a secondary car accident when your car drives over it.


Even though you may not be able to prevent cargo falling from trucks, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of debris-related crashes. If you want to take steps to avoid road debris accidents in Hialeah or your South Florida community, you will want to:

1) Make sure there is no debris falling from your own car.

If you’re driving a pickup truck or car and are moving or transporting items, make sure everything is securely tied down. If anything is sticking out of your car trunk, for example, use straps, netting, cords or ropes to ensure it is safely attached and won’t come loose. Use flags to alert other drivers something is protruding from your trunk. If you are using a trailer or truck bed to transport large objects, tie them to the vehicle or trailer and cover them with secure netting or tarp.

2) Keep your vehicle in good shape.

If your tires are underinflated or badly worn, they’re more vulnerable to blowouts anyway. If you roll over a small piece of debris, you’re more likely to suffer a blowout. Similarly, if your car is in poor shape, rolling over debris on the road is more likely to cause a breakdown or significant damage.

3) Don’t overload your car.

Overloading your car places extra pressure in the tires, which means you’re more likely to suffer a flat tire or even a blowout if you roll over debris on the road.

4) Don’t tailgate trucks.

If you’re behind a truck carrying a heavy load of cargo, you won’t have time to pull out of the way if an object suddenly drops from the truck. It can easily lead to an accident if a piece of rubber tire from the truck or a piece of debris comes flying at your windshield. Tailgating also means you won’t see debris on the road because the vehicle in front of you is blocking your view. Giving yourself extra room also means giving yourself extra time to react.

5) Scan the road in front of you.

Driving defensively can help you avoid debris-related accidents because you’ll be more aware of what’s on the road and what is in front of you. Driving a reasonable speed also helps, and gives you enough time to maneuver around any obstacles.

6) Don’t swerve if you see debris

Swerving means you are likely to hit another car or a pedestrian. Always keep an eye on the open space around the car. If you see debris, slow down as much as possible before you reach the debris. This gives you the chance to either carefully roll around the debris or to switch lanes if you need to.

If you have suffered injuries due to negligently-cleaned and maintained highways and roadways, you may have a claim. Contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation to determine what your legal options may be.

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