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Safety Tips to Help Tourists Avoid Injury in Miami and Florida

Each year, tourists arrive in Miami and the rest of South Florid to enjoy our state beaches, climate, and sun. While South Florida is a safe place to travel and while the state takes significant precautions to keep tourists and residents alike safe, it is important for visitors to take precautions and to take responsibility for their own safety. If you are new to Florida, make sure that you follow these safety tips:


1) Be prepared for the sun and heat.

The sun can be especially intense in the early afternoon and late morning, when sunburn, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion can become real problems – even if you are not arriving in the dead of summer. Apply sunscreen and seek shade. Stay hydrated and eat small meals to fight the heat. If you start to feel too warm or faint or tired, go inside.

2) Be prepared for Florida weather.

Florida sees more lightning-related injuries than any other place in the country. The state is also home to severe thunderstorms, strong winds, floods, and tornadoes. Keep up to date about weather conditions when you travel and seek shelter if needed.

3) Swim safe.

Look for beaches with lifeguards nearby and always obey signs and lifeguards. Strong currents and wildlife such as jellyfish can cause injury, no matter how good a swimmer you may be. Stay sober on the beach, especially if you will be boating or swimming.

4) Protect your property and yourself.

Most years Florida reports a crime rate below the national average. Nevertheless, assault and other crimes can and do occur in Miami and other cities. To stay safe, walk in well-populated areas and avoid walking alone in unfamiliar spots, especially at night. Keep your valuables in a safe at the hotel rather than with you.

5) Drive safely.

Plan your route before you go and if you rent a car check the car over and adjust the mirrors to make sure that the car is safe to drive. Keep in mind that traffic is very heavy in Miami and in many parts of Florida. If you’re used to more rural driving conditions or more sparse roadways, go slow, obey the traffic signs, or consider leaving your driving to a taxi or another driver.

6) Check tour bus operators and other businesses before you travel.

While in South Florida, you may decide to take a tour bus, charter bus, shuttle bus, or other tour operator. You may go on a boat ride, paragliding, or take part in one of the many other adventures that Florida has to offer. While this can leave you with memories for a lifetime, do your due diligence before you leave. Ask about safety precautions and check to make sure that the tour operator that you are giving your money to is safe, has insurance, and has a good reputation.

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