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Seizures in Hollywood Nursing Homes

Seizures occur when electrical impulses in the brain function incorrectly or when the wrong impulses fire in the brain. Seizures are terrifying to witness. A patient who experiences seizures loses control of their body and may shake uncontrollably, fall to the floor, and more.

For residents of Hollywood and South Florida nursing homes, seizures can be especially dangerous. A nursing home resident can suffer a severe head injury while falling during a seizure or may hit against objects in a room during the seizure, which can lead to lacerations, fractures, head injuries and more. If seniors already have pre-existing conditions, a seizure can be life-threatening and can lead to serious complications.

All nursing home staff need to be carefully trained in handling seizures. Patients with chronic diseases need more supervision and may need more medical attention. Although seizures often caused by conditions such as epilepsy, seniors can have seizures for number of reasons. High fever, an allergic reaction to some medication, and other medical conditions can all cause seizures.

Nursing home staff should be prepared for this eventuality and should be able to take steps to prevent and treat seizures. Preventing seizures may involve proper medical attention and supervision of patients who are prone to seizures. It can mean carefully monitoring medications to ensure there are no side effects to them, especially when a patient gets new medication.

For patients who have a seizure, it is important to time the seizure. If the event lasts longer than a few minutes, it is important for staff to call 911 so life-saving medical assistance can be provided. In addition, patients need to have their heads turned to the side in case they vomit and they need to be kept safe from bumping into objects during the seizure. Obviously, all of this assistance and support can only be provided if staff are properly trained and if residents are properly supervised so they can get the help they need if they have had a seizure.

Neglect and abuse can make seizures worse. Physical abuse can lead to head injuries which can cause seizures and neglect and abuse can mean seniors don’t get the life-saving help they need if they do have seizures or a seizure disorder. If a loved one has had a seizure while at a nursing home, it’s important to ask questions to ensure that proper action is being taken to prevent further seizures and to keep your loved one safe if they do occur. It is also important to ask questions to determine why a seizure has occurred. Is there an undiagnosed medical condition or head injury which may have caused the event? Was there a high fever which was ignored? Was the resident given the wrong medication or a wrong dosage of medication? For a resident with no history of seizures or someone who’s seizure condition is under control, a sudden seizure merits questions.

If a loved one has been seriously injured due to seizures in a nursing home, contact a Hollywood nursing home and neglect attorney in Hollywood. You can always contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) or online. Our team can help you understand whether you have a case and can help answer some of your questions about your circumstances.