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Should Motorists be Subject to the Same Laws as Truck Drivers to Prevent Truck Accidents in Miami Lakes?

Many experts believe that one of the reasons why car and truck accidents in Miami Lakes and other Florida communities are so prevalent is because car drivers are not subject to the same strict rules as commercial truck drivers. Car drivers are in fact allowed to text and drive in Florida, are allowed to drive fatigued, and can engage in a number of driver behaviors that put them – and others on the road — at risk. There are many laws that could potentially help reduce the instances of truck and car accidents in Miami Lakes and other Florida communities if they were applied both to commercial truck drivers and passenger car drivers:

1) No texting. Florida has been trying to pass a texting ban for regular drivers for years. There is currently legislation working its way through the system to potentially ban texting for drivers, but similar legislation has failed in the past. In contrast, government employees and commercial truck drivers, by federal law, are not allowed to text and drive. Numerous studies have shown that drivers who text and drive remove their eyes from the road for long enough to potentially cause a serious pedestrian accident or another type of collision. Many experts believe that instituting a texting ban could help prevent many types of traffic accidents in Miami Lakes and across Florida.

2) Screening and added education. Currently, in order to get a driver’s license in Florida, drivers must only get minimal training and spend some time in a car with a driving instructor. There is no requirement for refresher courses or additional training once a driver is licensed. In contrast, commercial drivers need to undertake very thorough testing and extensive education in order to drive a commercial truck. Most drivers also must take refresher courses and take part in continuing education in order to maintain their commercial driver’s license. Some experts feel that additional mandatory driver training for passenger drivers as well as refresher courses would help drivers stay safe on the road. After all, driving conditions, traffic, car designs, and driving ability change over a lifetime. Refresher courses would help address some of these changes and would help keep drivers safer.

3) Rules regarding fatigue. Commercial truck drivers are subject to federal rules concerning how long they can drive before taking a break and are subject to rules concerning the number of breaks and the length of breaks they must take before starting to drive again. In contrast, there are no set rules available for passenger car drivers, even though fatigued driving causes multiple pedestrian accidents in Miami Lakes and other communities as well as other types of traffic accidents. Experts agree that laws regarding fatigued driving would be difficult to enforce, but reducing the number of fatigued drivers on the road would also help make the roadways safer for everyone.

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