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Spring Break Safety for Miami and Florida

At this time of year, many colleges have their spring breaks, and this means that students from across the country head to Florida and Miami in order to take advantage of the beaches and spring break activities available. For most students, spring break is a fun time to get away from the books and to enjoy life. Unfortunately, spring break can also lead to serious injuries.

Students can find themselves in car accidents in Miami, far from home, or can find themselves affected by mugging, theft, or sexual assault. If you or someone you love is headed for spring break, consider these safety tips to create only good memories this year:


1) Spring break is safer in a group.

It is safer to travel with groups of friends that you trust. Good friends can protect you from muggings, over drinking, and other dangers. It is especially important that one person stay sober enough to exercise good judgment and to call for help if anything that does happen.

2) A vacation is safer if you have a designated driver.

If you’re planning on drinking, have a designated driver or hire a taxi service. Pooling resources together, it is not too expensive to hire someone who is at your beck and call with a car and a safe ride home. Even if you don’t plan on drinking and even if you have a designated driver, plans sometimes change during a vacation. In these situations it can be safer to have someone who can get you to your hotel or destination safely if you are out late at night.

3) Drinking responsibly is key for safety.

Having too much to drink doesn’t just put you at risk of drunk driving accidents. It can also make you more subject to falls, water related injuries, crime, and other dangers. It can even cause alcohol poisoning or fatalities. Have fun on spring break, but drink responsibly and know your limits.

4) Some people try to take advantage of spring break students.

Keep in mind that not everyone out during spring break time is looking for fun. Some people try to take advantage of students who are drinking and are distracted by fun. This is a time where muggings, theft, sexual assault, and other crimes can target students. Stay alert to your surroundings, avoid getting separated from your friends, and follow general common sense to stay safe.

5) Know the risks of crowds.

Huge beach parties or house parties can seem like a lot of fun, but they can also spiral out of control. Avoid attending these types of events alone and be prepared to stay extra alert if you attend with friends. You will want to stay vigilant about personal safety, your drinks, and your personal effects when you’re surrounded by strangers.

If you are injured during spring break, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group. If you’re far from home and are worried about your injuries, medical costs, or safety, our law firm can speak with you in order to help you determine what legal options exist for you. There is no charge for your initial consultation and our compassionate staff can help you understand what your options are.