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Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring break and spring travel plans are a big part of the fun for college students and even for those not attending school. If you will be taking part in any spring break festivities or traveling, there are several things you will want to do to stay safe in Miami or at your destination:

1) Travel with friends. Avoid going to events, spring break festivities or on vacation alone. You will have more fun if you go with people you know and you will stay safer.

2) Stay aware of your surroundings.

3) Be careful with alcohol. You don’t want to be in a drunk driving crash in Miami or at your destination. Even if you are not driving, drinking to excess can make you a target for muggings. If others around you are drinking, they may be more aggressive or have fewer inhibitions, so avoid large crowds where many people are drinking. If you do drink, prepare your own drinks or get them directly from a bartender—do not accept drinks from strangers.

4) Make sure someone knows where you are. Leave an itinerary with a friend or family member when you travel and check in regularly. Leave copies of travel documents with the same person so you can have them sent to you if you are mugged or your belongings are stolen.

5) Be careful with taxis. Only accept clearly-indicated taxis and shuttle buses from companies you trust. Check online reviews of taxis before you travel and avoid getting in any cars with strangers.

6) Stay in areas known to tourists and get to know what parts of your destination to avoid.

7) Avoid wearing expensive items or showing a lot of cash or credit cards. Bring only what you need to avoid becoming a target for theft or assault.

8) If you decide to go on a tour or take part in any tourist activities, work with a reputable tour operator who has a good safety rating. You don’t want to be in a boating accident in Miami or any recreational incident on your vacation.

9) Use the services of your hotel. Your hotel may have services to keep you safe—such as a safe storage area for your belongings or a shuttle bus to the airport. Make use of these services.

10) Make use of your cell phone. Make sure you have the phone numbers of local reputable vendors and taxi companies by doing some research before you travel. Have emergency numbers easily accessible on your phone. Set up the phone feature which allows you to locate your phone if you lose the device during your travels.

11) Always obey the law at your destination. If you are traveling outside the country, especially, the laws are likely different and you may get into serious problems for seemingly minor infractions.

Spring break in Miami is generally quite safe and authorities take steps to keep travelers secure. However, safety begins with you. Make sure you take steps now to protect yourself from serious injury.

If you are injured while traveling in South Florida or if you are a resident of South Florida and are injured while traveling elsewhere, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood are always open for those who have been injured.