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Stay Safe While Playing PokemonGo

Many South Florida police departments have issued safety tips about PokemonGo, the popular game which allows players to play interactively and “in the real world” by using phones and other mobile devices. The popularity of the game has led to a number of car accidents and other injuries across the country and around the world.


If you’re playing the game, there are several things you can do to stay safe:

1) Do not play while driving, biking, or walking.

One of the biggest risks of the game involves playing PokemonGo while driving, biking, or walking. This can lead to pedestrian accidents in Hollywood or your community as well as car crashes. The game has a feature which allows your phone to vibrate when a character is nearby. This is much safer than walking and looking at the screen. Just make sure you pull over if you’re driving or biking or step out of the way before checking your phone.

2) Be aware of your surroundings.

PokemonGo is so engaging you may end up playing longer than you intended or may even wander into unfamiliar territory. Stay alert to what is happening around you and pause the game to look up to ensure you are not putting yourself in danger.

3) Be cautious about online safety.

Consider personal information before posting it online as part of the game. Choose a nickname that doesn’t identify you and avoid posting photos which would allow players to recognize you or your home or school.

When downloading the game, make sure you are downloading the official app and not any fake apps which may contain malware. Use a good malware detection and security system on your mobile devices.

4) Take breaks and limit time on the game.

Playing outside for hours can expose players to sunburns, sunstroke, and other dangers. Set a timer on your phone so you can limit how often you play – and for how long. On sunny days, be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat. Drink and eat as needed and take breaks in the shade to avoid overexerting yourself.

5) Protect your kids.

If your children and teens are playing PokemonGo, sit down with them and review some of the safety tips explained there. Make sure they can contact you and keep track of where and when they play so you know where they are.

6) Have a back-up way of contacting someone.

Online games can use a lot of power, so keep an extra charger and battery on hand. Have a phone card or other way of getting help or contacting someone if your phone dies.

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