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Staying Safe at Amusement Parks and Theme Parks this Halloween

Many people think of amusement and theme parks in Florida as a summer activity, but these attractions have special Halloween events that draw huge crowds. Universal Studios, for example, has Horror Nights, featuring scary movies, haunted houses, and scare zones. SeaWorld has its Halloween Spooktacular at this time of year. Tampa Busch Gardens also has special Halloween haunted displays, as do many of the other amusement parks and theme parks in the region.


While heading out to these events can be a lot of fun, amusement park injuries in Miami and the rest of South Florida never take a vacation. To have a fun and safe Halloween at your favorite theme park, you’ll want to:

1) Be prepared to be frightened.

Many amusement parks and theme parks have scare zones or haunted houses where parks staff jump out or otherwise try to startle visitors. If you are not ready for it, these scares can cause you to stumble. Brace yourself and be aware that the unexpected will happen.

2) Dress sensibly.

It can be fun to show up at an amusement park for Halloween in full costume, but do dress sensibly. Whether you dress up or not, make sure you have practical shoes with good treads. Make sure that there are no hems dangling from your costume and no cords or drawstrings that can wind their way around your neck. You don’t want to trip, limit mobility, or become tangled up in your costume.

3) Ensure you can see and be seen.

Many of the Halloween events at amusement parks and theme parks take place at night. It’s a good idea to wear accessories that offer some light or to have reflective pieces on your clothing so you’re easily visible. By the same token, make sure that you can see clearly so you don’t trip and fall. Avoid masks and novelty contact lenses that can obscure your vision.

4) Be prepared to supervise smaller children.

If you’ll be taking children to an amusement park for Halloween, consider age appropriateness. Some of the Halloween events may simply be too frightening for smaller children. Once you find an age-appropriate event, make sure that you supervise minors at all times. You may want to go with a group of adults and children so that there are several adult eyes on the children at all times. In large Halloween crowds, small children can get lost and if you go at night it can be even easier for small children to wander off. Large crowds and low lighting can make it harder to supervise.

5) Read and follow safety signs.

Halloween events at theme parks and amusement parks can mean extra safety signs and safety precautions. Make sure that you read all signs, even if you’re confident you’re familiar with the rides. Always follow instructions about height requirements, weight requirements, and other safety precautions.

6) Follow instructions given by park employees.

If park employees tell you to do something or not to do something for your own safety, follow their lead. They’re there to help keep you safe and ensure you have a fun time.

The entire staff at Flaxman Law Group would like to wish you a happy and safe Halloween. We hope you take advantage of the many things that South Florida has to offer at this time of year. If you do find yourself injured due to a theme park injury or any other type of injury, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our phone lines are staffed around-the-clock, even during holidays like Halloween. You can always reach a live person when you call us.

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