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Staying Safe When Driving Alone

Driving alone is a fact of life, whether you are running errands, heading to classes, or simply going for a drive along the coast. When you don’t have passengers, however, you may be more at risk of certain crimes, such as muggings or theft when you exit or enter your car. If you are in a car accident in Miramar or your community when driving alone, you may not have someone else on hand to call for help if you are too injured to call emergency services.


Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make driving alone a little safer:

1) Use extra caution when entering or leaving your car.

This is when you are most vulnerable, according to safety experts. Take a few seconds to check your car when you enter or leave it to make sure that there is no suspicious activity nearby. Where possible, park in a well-lit area that has good pedestrian traffic. Keep your keys in hand so that you do not have to spend time looking for them.

2) Keep your car maintained.

You can avoid some breakdowns and car accidents if you keep your car in good condition. Schedule regular tune-ups and if you notice the car handling unusually or you notice any odd noises when braking, speeding up or starting the car get the car checked out immediately.

3) Stow an emergency kit in your car.

Your emergency kit should include a cell phone so that you can call for help if you are stranded or find yourself in a dangerous situation. The kit should also include blankets, flares, a first aid kit, water, a basic repair kit, and anything else you feel you might need if your car breaks down or you find yourself in a traffic collision.

4) Keep windows and doors closed when you drive.

Assault in Miramar and other communities can occur if you are sitting in your car with the doors open or unlocked. Make it harder for others to harm you by making your car secure, especially if you are driving alone at night or in areas you are not familiar with. Do not pick up hitchhikers.

5) Stay alert.

Avoid distractions such as mobile devices or music, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. Stay aware of traffic and any activity around you. If you feel uneasy or have a feeling that something is wrong, obey that instinct and drive to a safer, well-lit area.

6) Know where you are going and have a plan.

Map your route before you leave home and have a map, GPS, or mobile app handy to help you if you get lost. Keep paper maps of Florida, Miramar, and other South Florida communities in your glove compartment. If you are lost and your phone or GPS dies, you will have a backup way to find your way to safety.

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