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Staying Safe in Holiday Crowds

The holiday season can be very exciting, but holiday shopping and special events can also mean big crowds, particularly around New Year’s. If you’re planning on taking part in any activities for the festivities, make sure you know how to stay safe in holiday crowds so you can avoid sustaining a serious injury in Hollywood or your community:


1) Always have a plan.

If you’re heading to a special event, party or anywhere where you expect a large crowd, plan first. Try to anticipate the size of the crowd, where fire exits are located, and how to stay safe. If you’re traveling with a group, make sure everyone knows how to stay safe and has a plan of where to meet in case you get separated.

When you’re in a crowd, look for areas that are less crowded and try to get some elevation so you can see the crowd and movement. If you need to move in a crowd, move with the flow of traffic—move with a group of people who are also moving in the same direction as you. You are less likely to be crushed because the crowd is more likely to part for a larger group coming through.

2) Consider online shopping.

Online shopping can be safer. You are less at risk of pickpocketing, theft, and injury when shopping online instead of facing large crowds in malls.

3) Shop with a friend.

If you are headed for any holiday or post-holiday shopping event, consider going with a friend. You can watch each other’s wallets and purchases and can stay together.

4) Keep an eye on your belongings.

Large crowds are prime locations for pickpocketing and theft. Try to avoid wearing flashy or expensive items if you know you’re going to a crowded party, festivity, or any event. Try to keep your wallet hidden in an inner pocket, preferably with a zipper. The more secure your items, the less likely you are to be targeted.

Keep copies of your credit cards and other ID at home. When you’re heading out, only take the credit cards, bank cards and cash you will need, leaving the rest safe at home. After the holidays are over, consider running a credit check to ensure no unauthorized purchases were made with your credit card or debit card.

Shopping malls and organizers of festive events have an obligation and duty to keep shoppers and visitors as safe as reasonably possible. This may mean hiring security, installing security cameras, or taking other measures. If you are injured because a property owner or event organizer was negligent in their duties to keep you safe, you may have a civil claim. If you have been injured, contact Flaxman Law Group to see if you have a claim.