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Summer Can Mean Fire Safety Hazards in Homestead and Florida: Here are Failsafe Tips to Keep Safe

Summer often means an increased risk of fires. Dry, hot conditions combined with more people taking time to grill or to set up an outdoor fire can all lead to dangerous conditions. Even overusing your air conditioner can pave the way for fires. To stay safe this summer, there are several things you’ll want to do:

1) Check your electrical system.

HVAC and air-conditioning systems can put a big strain on your electrical system. The last thing you want is your system producing sparks or flames because it is overworked or has not been updated in too long. If you notice flickering lights or other signs of wiring problems, consult with an electrician. When using your air conditioner, check to make sure that it does not overheat and keep flammables (such as curtains) away from the unit.

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2) Make sure your smoke detectors are working.

They are your first line of defense in the event of a fire and can help prevent serious burn injuries by helping you leave your Hollywood home quickly to avoid smoke inhalation and other serious injury. Test your smoke detectors regularly. If you have older battery powered smoke sectors, consider upgrading to more reliable wired systems. If you decide to keep older battery powered smoke detectors, make sure that the batteries are freshly changed and that the system is working.

3) Keep fire extinguishers on hand.

At the very least, you should have a fire extinguisher by your barbecue area, by your fire pit, and in your kitchen. Check the extinguishers regularly to make sure that they are still functional.

4) Grill safely.

Grilling can be one of the more dangerous activities when it comes to fires in the summer. Whether you decide to have a fire pit or barbecue, make sure that you always keep an open flame supervised. Never over saturate a barbecue or a camp fire with lighter fluid, and always completely extinguish the flames before leaving the area. When grilling, make sure that your fire or grill is kept well away from any flammable materials, including your clothing, wooden decks, or your house.

5) Check your cords.

Has it been a while since you checked the cords on your appliances? These can easily become worn or frayed over time, posing a fire risk. Make sure that all your appliances are in good condition and that the cords do not show signs of wear. Make sure that all cords are plugged directly into an outlet and do not rely on extension cords, which can pose an additional hazard.

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