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With Summer Starting Soon, Is Your Hollywood Home Child-Ready?

Summer is just a few weeks far away, and that means children will soon be home from school. If you have children or if you live in a neighborhood with lots of children, now is the time to take steps to avoid causing childhood accidents. There many ways you can make your Hollywood home child-safe in time for summer:


1) Safeguard your pool area.

Your pool area can put your risk of a premises liability claim in Hollywood or your community. Under Florida laws, children are owed a special duty of care. If you don’t take steps to protect your pool area and a child is injured by wandering into your pool area – even if they are trespassing – you will be held accountable.

To prevent drownings and other water-related tragedies at your Hollywood home, install a tall fence around your pool area. Use a self-locking gate to keep the pool area secure and consider an alarm to alert you in case anyone trespasses into the pool area. It can be one of the smartest investments you make — both for your peace of mind and for the safety of the neighborhood.

2) Reduce fire and electrical burn hazard.

If you have small children at home, walk through your home and check for any electrical hazards. Electrical outlets, for example, should be covered if you have small children or if very young guests visit regularly. Keep electrical appliances well out of the way of small hands and keep matches and candles in higher areas where children can’t reach.

3) Secure poisonous and dangerous materials.

Even your cleaning products can pose a hazard for a small child. Always keep your cupboards locked and properly secured. Store paints, insect repellents, and other strong chemicals in high locations in closed cupboards. If you have fireworks, barbecue propane tanks, or any other dangerous materials in your home, keep them stored in a locked garage.

4) Walk through your home and check for dangers.

Are there steep stairs in your home with no railing? Are there cords running under rugs? Is there a lack of properly functioning smoke detectors in your home? Walk from room to room in your home now and check for any obvious signs of danger. Fix any issues in the next few weeks to make your home safer.

5) Use extra caution in the kitchen.

Sharp knives, large appliances, and other dangers lurk in the kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is kept tidy and keep any dangerous tools and devices in locked drawers or cupboards.

6) Secure tall furniture and appliances.

Children will sometimes climb on bookshelves, televisions, and furniture. The results can be tragic when these objects tip over onto small children. Always secure tall furniture and items to your walls with brackets to ensure they don’t pose a hazard.

9) Check your curtains.

Curtains can pose a significant hazard for children. Any drop cords, strings, or dangling tassels can cause strangulation risk if children climb onto a window. In fact, windows can be a hazard since children can fall if they climb onto windows out of curiosity. Secure your windows and screens to ensure children can’t easily fall. Use cordless blinds or curtains with no fabric tiebacks to reduce the risk of strangulation.

If your child has been injured while visiting a home, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. You may have a civil claim to help you pay for your child’s best care.

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