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Summertime Can Mean More Visits to the Hospital: Here’s How to Prevent Errors and Medical Malpractice Claims in Hollywood or Your Florida Hometown

Summertime can be a busy time for hospitals and emergency rooms. There tend to be more car accidents in Hollywood and other communities, especially during long weekends and holidays. Since children are home for the summer, there are also more child injuries and swimming pool injuries in Hollywood and surrounding communities. Summertime activities can also mean a higher risk of burn injuries and fireworks injuries during this time of the year.

Unfortunately, an influx of patients can overwhelm health care workers and can create situations where injury and medical malpractice claims can occur. To prevent this, you will want to:

1) Prevent injury where possible.

The best way to avoid a medical malpractice claim in Hollywood or a negative medical experience in your community is to stay out of hospitals and emergency rooms in the first place. Even though most emergency departments are staffed by caring professionals, they are still high-stress environments where misdiagnosis and error can occur. Be proactive with your health and use common sense to avoid injury in the first place.

2) If you need to visit a doctor, visit the right facility.

Does your injury require a visit to a clinic, your regular general practitioner, a specialist, or an emergency room? Going to the right person can help you avoid delays with treatment and can ensure a better outcome.

hospital negligence

Emergency Room Negligence

3) Bring a friend.

If you are seriously injured and need to visit an emergency room, you may be so injured that you have a hard time communicating or remembering the instructions and information doctors give you. Bring a friend or family member where possible. This person can help doctors understand any medical conditions or allergies you have, can ask questions on your behalf, and can write down instructions and information the doctors give you so that you can review this information later on.

4) Ask for written instructions.

Having things written down for you can reduce confusion and can give you something tangible to consult in case you need to refresh your memory. Do not just try to remember long lists of instructions or information about your condition.

5) Ask questions.

Be a proactive patient to avoid emergency room negligence in Hollywood or your community. When dealing with a new health care professional – whether a nurse or new doctor – review your medical conditions and any medication you are taking as well as any allergies. Gently review important information. If you have questions or something doesn’t seem right, speak up.

6) Follow up.

If you do have to go to the emergency room, you will want to follow up your treatment with your regular doctor after your visit to the hospital. Your doctor understands your medical history and can work with you to make sure you continue to heal properly. If you find you have questions after your visit to the hospital, your regular doctor can address them as well.

Have you been injured after visiting an emergency room, hospital, or clinic? You may be eligible for compensation or a legal claim. To find out more, schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group today.