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Surprising Housing and Commute Facts: What Contributes to Personal Injury in Hollywood and other Cities

A new report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has weighed in on the country’s health by county and has concluded that some surprising things that could affect health. According to researchers, more than 29 factors can affect health. These include some of the obvious factors such as smoking, exercise, and eating. However, researchers also concluded that an overcrowded home, a poor kitchen, bad plumbing, education, employment, and other factors may also play a larger role in health than many think. For example a long commute can negatively affect your health – not to mention increase your chances of a car crash in Hollywood or your community.

St. Johns was ranked the healthiest county in the state, as the area had less poverty, crime, obesity, and other health concerns when compared with many other regions of the state. Miami-Dade county made it into the top five when it came to health in the state. Hollywood’s Broward County ranked fourteenth in the state in terms of health. For much of the state, health factors remained static when compared with previous years. The rate of obesity among Florida adults, for example, has stayed close to 26 percent for the past three years.


The report concluded that rural areas struggled more when it came to health, with researchers concluding that the issue was resources. People in rural areas may have fewer resources to stay health, according to the report. The least healthy Florida county was found to be Union County, although Washington County, Putnam County, Baker County, and Hamilton County also ranked low on the list.

The report also considered fatalities caused by personal injury deaths and violent crimes when compiling the rankings. Personal injury in Hollywood and other communities as well as physical assault in Hollywood and other serious crimes obviously affect health and well-being.

Overall, the report found that about 76 percent of workers across the country commute by themselves. This is in part due to access limits when it comes to public transit. This can contribute to pollution and obesity. It can also place workers at increased risk of accidents, since public transit collisions in Hollywood and all cities are much lower than the rates of car crashes.

Another thing that contributes to traffic accidents in Hollywood and other communities across the country has to do with the length of commutes. The report found that about 30 percent of all workers across the country drive over 30 minutes each day on their commute, with commuters in the Eastern part of the U.S. driving longer hours when compared with their Western counterparts. This long commute time increases stress, the risk of road rage, and the risk of collisions.

Unintentional personal injury in Hollywood and other communities also leads to fatalities and injuries, which can affect a county’s health rankings. The report found that across the country about 59 Americans per 100 000 suffer fatal unintentional injuries and injuries caused by violence. In the healthiest counties, this number drops to about 49 percent. In the worst 10 percent of the counties across the United States, the figure can be as high as 105 per 100 000. In Broward County, the figure for injury deaths is about 62 per 100 000.

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