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Suicide can be one of the most devastating situations a family will face. Losing a loved one is always distressing, but having that loss be self-inflicted is often overwhelming. It’s common for surviving friends and family to have many questions: Could this have been prevented? Why did this happen?


Suicide often leaves clues. In many cases, a person will be diagnosed with depression and will be getting treatment for their condition. In some situations, someone who is considering suicide will reach out to mental health professionals, doctors, or other authorities. If they are getting help, friends and family may assume that their loved one is safe. It can make a sudden loss even more of a shock.

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Research has shown that youth participation in sports can help build confidence, good fitness levels, discipline, leadership skills, social skills, and more. Student athletes also qualify for scholarships and other awards. While there are certainly many benefits to taking part in sports during high school and college, athletes are at risk for certain types of injuries.


This month is National Youth Sports Safety Month, and it’s a good time to make sure that you and your child’s school are doing everything possible to keep your child safe. This month, you will want to:

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The Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention released a study last month finding that football coaches with a sports-based education may help make football safer for young athletes. Researchers examined data for about 2,108 athletes between the ages 5 and 15. The study found that the football athletes were 43% less likely to sustain concussions in practices and 29% less likely to sustain a concussion when playing a game if their coaches had taken part in the USA Football “Heads-Up Football” training program.

The study is important in that it suggests that all coaches are not made alike. Whether a parent is choosing a coach for afterschool practice or a school is hiring an athletic director for their sports department, experience and training matter. There many ways that we can ensure that our children can avoid sports injuries in Hollywood and across Florida:


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Campuses in Miami and other Florida cities have security teams and safety policies to keep students safe. The aim of colleges is to provide a good education to students, but these organizations are also expected by law to take reasonable steps to keep students safe from harm.

dorm injuries

Unfortunately, as a number of recent events at the University of Florida and other campuses has shown, campuses can attract violence and crime. To stay safe at school, college students will want to follow these tips:

1) Keep doors and windows locked.

In many cases, violence such as assault on Miami and Florida campuses can occur because campuses are open spaces. At most schools, virtually anyone can wander onto a campus. Some students choose to keep their doors or windows open all night, and this can make accessing the dorms even easier. Getting a sturdy lock for the door and keeping doors closed and locked can help control who enters the dorms.

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Now that students are back in class and settled into their school years, it’s time to focus on safety. In Gainesville, University of Florida students are concerned following attacks on four female students earlier this school year. Students living on-campus and off-campus are being told to be more aware of their surroundings and to use extra precautions.

Students who are injured in assault cases in Miami and other Florida cities may have the option to seek a legal claim against the perpetrator or the owner of the property where the attack took place. This and concern for students has made university campuses more aware of the steps that can be taken to help prevent assault and injuries. The University of Florida, for example, offers:

  • Security staff patrols, including stepped-up patrols when attacks occur
  • Walk-home programs for students
  • Educational materials emphasizing personal safety and listing local resources
  • Outreach with apartment complexes near campuses, to help keep off-campus students safe
  • Roving dorm patrols


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While schools work hard to provide a safe environment for students, accidents and injuries do happen at schools. Child injury in Hollywood and other Florida communities can especially be a risk during the first few weeks of the new year. There is a new routine for students to get used to, and in some cases a new school means new challenges. Sometimes, children are so focused on getting back to class that they may be less cautious. There are a few things that parents can do, however, to keep their children safe at this time of year:

1) Consider traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Traffic crashes in Hollywood and other Florida communities are among the leading causes of child injury. Whether you are driving your children to school or your children are walking to school, come up with a way to keep them safe. If your child walks or bikes to school, that may mean having your child head to school with an older sibling or friends. If you drive your child to school, staying safer may mean carpooling or leaving a little earlier to avoid distracted and unsafe driving.

2) Take a look at your child’s schedule and after-school activities.

Injuries can happen at school, so take a look at what your child does at school to find ways to reduce the dangers. If your child takes part in after-school sports, for example, does your child have the right helmet and other safety gear to prevent sports injury at their Hollywood school? Is the coach qualified to train and supervise students? If your child has a science class, does he or she have safety goggles and any other required safety equipment?

school injuries

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Whether your child attends college or goes to a high school or grammar school, of course you expect your child school to be provided with a good level of safety as well as an education. However, child injuries in Homestead and other communities often occur at school. As you start preparing for back-to-school, ask yourself these questions to see how your child’s school measures when it comes to safety:

1) Is there good control of entrances, with gatekeepers in place?

One problem with inadequate security in Homestead and other Florida schools often stems from the fact that just anyone can stroll into a campus or into school buildings. At high schools and schools teaching younger children, especially, it is important that when a stranger enters the campus or school, they do so near an office where gatekeepers such as administrative assistants can evaluate the reason for a visit. Obviously, it is more difficult to control who enters a college campus, but there should still be security and entrances in place to offer some security.

2) Does the school have a policy for dealing with campus dangers?

The school should have a written policy for dealing with school violence, fires, and other disasters.

school safety

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