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If your child will be going away to college this fall and will be living in off-campus housing or will be moving away from home and into a new apartment for the first time, consider assisting them in finding a safe apartment or home in Hollywood or their chosen community.


When young people rent, their landlord is responsible for maintaining common spaces and in providing a reasonably safe space. Unfortunately, not all landlords are contentious about providing tenants with safety. First-time renters can be especially vulnerable. They may not know their rights as tenants and they may be on a budget, which means they may be considering some properties in less desirable areas or with less maintenance completed.

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Suicide can be one of the most devastating situations a family will face. Losing a loved one is always distressing, but having that loss be self-inflicted is often overwhelming. It’s common for surviving friends and family to have many questions: Could this have been prevented? Why did this happen?


Suicide often leaves clues. In many cases, a person will be diagnosed with depression and will be getting treatment for their condition. In some situations, someone who is considering suicide will reach out to mental health professionals, doctors, or other authorities. If they are getting help, friends and family may assume that their loved one is safe. It can make a sudden loss even more of a shock.

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Unfortunately, sexual assault on Miami campuses and in homes and public places all across Florida is all too common. According to the CDC, one in five men and one in two women will experience some type of sexual violence during their lifetime. April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month and there is no better time to review ways to keep ourselves safe and to help address this difficult issue.

There are many ways to make changes:


1) Follow your instinct.

Many survivors of assault report having a sentence or a sneaking suspicion that all was not right. However, they didn’t want to be rude or to offend anyone. When it comes to personal safety, trusting your instincts is important. If you feel that someone is behaving in an odd way or may become violent, remove yourself from the situation if at all possible.

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At this time of year, many colleges have their spring breaks, and this means that students from across the country head to Florida and Miami in order to take advantage of the beaches and spring break activities available. For most students, spring break is a fun time to get away from the books and to enjoy life. Unfortunately, spring break can also lead to serious injuries.

Students can find themselves in car accidents in Miami, far from home, or can find themselves affected by mugging, theft, or sexual assault. If you or someone you love is headed for spring break, consider these safety tips to create only good memories this year:


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Campuses in Miami and other Florida cities have security teams and safety policies to keep students safe. The aim of colleges is to provide a good education to students, but these organizations are also expected by law to take reasonable steps to keep students safe from harm.

dorm injuries

Unfortunately, as a number of recent events at the University of Florida and other campuses has shown, campuses can attract violence and crime. To stay safe at school, college students will want to follow these tips:

1) Keep doors and windows locked.

In many cases, violence such as assault on Miami and Florida campuses can occur because campuses are open spaces. At most schools, virtually anyone can wander onto a campus. Some students choose to keep their doors or windows open all night, and this can make accessing the dorms even easier. Getting a sturdy lock for the door and keeping doors closed and locked can help control who enters the dorms.

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Hazing is often seen as an inevitable part of rushing a fraternity or sorority. Unfortunately, hazing and other fraternity-related events have been causing fatalities and serious injuries, pushing colleges to rethink their societies. Miami and Florida campuses are supposed to keep their students safe, and the presence of hazing and other Rush Week activities raises the question of how safe campuses really are.

Bloomberg reports that more than 60 people have suffered fatal injuries in fraternity events at college campuses since 2005. In many cases, these deaths involve hazing and alcohol use, which means that many of these tragedies could have been prevented. In addition to these fatalities, there have been a significant number of sexual assaults on Miami campuses, some of them linked to fraternity events.

college hazing

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At this time of year, high school graduates are looking forward to moving onto campus and starting their college careers. It can be a nerve-racking time for parents. Unfortunately, sports injuries in Miami and other types of injuries are quite common on college campuses both in the city and across the state. To keep your child safe or, you will want to:

1) Make sure your child has a cell phone with emergency numbers on it.

Emergency numbers should include the police, friends, and campus security. Unfortunately, assault and sexual assault on Miami and Florida campuses are all too common. Your child should be able to quickly contact someone in an emergency in the event that they do become a target.

2) Do a quick check of dorm room security.

Dorm rooms can be targets for theft and in some cases become the sites for assault. When dropping your child off at school, check to see what policies are in place to control the flow of visitors and residents into the building. Make sure that the buildings and doors are secure and that other safety systems are in place.


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