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Many people associate amusement parks with the summer, but thanks to mild South Florida winters, amusement parks in this part of the country remain open all year round. In fact, many amusement parks have special deals or promotions during the winter months in order to attract tourists, visitors, and snowbirds to the area.


While amusement parks, including Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, Epcot, Busch Gardens and the many other parks in Florida offer plenty of fun in the winter, they can also create the possibility for amusement park injuries throughout the year.

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Each year, tens of millions of tourists travel to Miami, Hollywood, and the rest of South Florida. In fact, the state saw 87.3 million people arrive as tourists in 2011 alone. In addition to tourists, snowbirds are people who decide to purchase a second home or vacation home in Florida to take advantage of the warm weather during the winter months. Each year, millions of people arrive in Florida during the winter months from the Northeast United States and from Canada. They stay a few months before returning home.

For most snowbirds and tourists, Hollywood and the rest of South Florida provide a temporary and exciting place to visit or stay. Unfortunately, some visitors each year are injured on visits to Florida. A serious injury can affect your stay, leave you with high medical bills, and cause confusion and concern. If you’ve been injured in Florida but aren’t from the state, what can you do?


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This holiday season, your errand list may be quite long. You may need to visit a number of businesses in order to get all your shopping done and in order to handle all the errands you have to complete. In addition, you may be treating yourself to a few dinners out or you may be attending special work dinners or holiday events at restaurants, art galleries, conference halls, or hotels.


What happens if you’re injured this holiday season, however, while visiting a place of business? Whether you slip on the floor in a store, trip over debris at a restaurant, or are attacked outside of an art gallery, you may have legal options you haven’t considered.

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Now that December is here, many Florida residents are busy consulting their holiday gift lists. If you are taking care of holiday shopping and have a few children on your list, however, you have to look beyond just fun toys and think safety, too. In 2013 alone, there were more than 256,000 ER visits due to toy injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


If you want to embrace holiday gift-giving but want to keep the children on your gift list safe, here are a few safety tips from the experts:

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Now that many of us are finalizing Thanksgiving plans for next week, it’s time to make sure that your Thanksgiving holiday is not only festive but also safe for yourself and all your guests. There are plenty of ways to prevent burn injuries, trip and fall injuries, and other accidents in your Hollywood or South Florida home. Here’s how:

1) Reduce the risk of burn injuries and fire.

Make sure that your home is equipped with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. Have a plan in place to cook Thanksgiving without leaving any of the cooking unattended. Be prepared to use extra caution if you’ll be using a deep fryer for anything; oil is flammable at high heats.


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While you’re making Thanksgiving plans, make sure you make plans for a safe holiday, too. Thanksgiving guests, food, and preparations can mean a risk of fire, accidents, and food-borne illness. Here’s how to keep everyone safe:


1) Prepare before Thanksgiving.

Plan your holiday menu before Thanksgiving so you understand how long you need to cook foods so they’re safe. In addition, you need to do three things before the big day to make sure your food preparation area is safe:

  • Test your smoke detectors
  • Buy a fire extinguisher or check your current kitchen extinguisher
  • Buy a meat thermometer or make sure the one you have is in good condition

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Dog bites in Hollywood and Florida homes are a concern, especially during the holidays. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s important to put a focus on animal safety, especially if you have children or will have children visiting your home.


The holidays can be just as stressful for pets as they are for people. The changes and extra visits to the home can upset dogs and can make bites more likely. Animal experts recommend pet owners take a few steps to prevent dog bites at this time of year:

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The only scary things about Halloween should be the ghost stories and the decorations. Children should still stay safe from pedestrian accidents, trip and fall accidents, and other dangers. Unfortunately, Halloween does come with its share of hazards and police recommend a few safety tips for parents to follow:

1) Children under the age of 12 should be supervised when trick or treating.

Have adults go with them to ensure that that they stay safe. Adults can remind children to use caution when crossing the street and can remind children to avoid houses that don’t have lights on.


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Many people think of amusement and theme parks in Florida as a summer activity, but these attractions have special Halloween events that draw huge crowds. Universal Studios, for example, has Horror Nights, featuring scary movies, haunted houses, and scare zones. SeaWorld has its Halloween Spooktacular at this time of year. Tampa Busch Gardens also has special Halloween haunted displays, as do many of the other amusement parks and theme parks in the region.


While heading out to these events can be a lot of fun, amusement park injuries in Miami and the rest of South Florida never take a vacation. To have a fun and safe Halloween at your favorite theme park, you’ll want to:

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This Monday is Columbus Day and with the long weekend here, many South Florida residents are heading out on their boats. If you’re one of them, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Coast Guard, and local law enforcement have some tips for you:

1) Stay alert and sober.

Distracted boating and drunk boating can be just as deadly as distracted, fatigued, or drunk driving on Hollywood or Florida streets. In fact, drinking can be more dangerous on the water because the motion of a boat can exacerbate symptoms of drunkenness. According to the Coast Guard, alcohol is the sixth leading cause of boating accidents – and distraction and fatigue are also common issues. If you’re not sober or well enough to operate a boat, designate someone to operate the boat safely.


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