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Landlords are responsible for the maintenance of an overall rental property and for common areas. They have a duty to tenants. They also are expected to make reasonable repairs to rental units. If you are renting a home or office space, you may wonder whether you have a claim against your landlord or property owner if you or someone on your property is injured.


If you have been injured in a common area or if your landlord has failed to fix something in your unit and this has caused an injury, you will want to consult with a Hollywood personal injury attorney to review your options. You may be able to file a claim to seek compensation for income loss, medical costs and other expenses.

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If you’re cleaning your Homestead or South Florida home at this time of year, you want to get your home sparkling but you’ll also want to clean safely. While cleaning is generally a safe activity, it can lead to chemical burns from harsh detergents, trip and fall accidents, and other types of injuries.

To stay safe and prevent these types of injuries, follow these safety tips:

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Smoke detectors in your home are your front-line defense in the event of a fire. They can alert you in time so you can get out safely—before you suffer burns or serious injury. Yet, millions of homes across the country do not have working fire alarms.


Even if you have fire alarms in your Homestead home, you need to test them to make sure they are really keeping you and your family safe. Here’s how:

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Birthday parties are a major rite of passage for children of all ages. They are usually lots of fun and can create a lifetime of memories. However, you will also want to consider personal safety when throwing a birthday party or when allowing your child to go to a birthday party.


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For football fans in Hollywood, Miami, Homestead and other parts of Florida, Super Bowl weekend means food, cheering, and parties. However, you will  also want to take steps to ensure your Super Bowl weekend is safe as well as fun.


Many Super Bowl fans don’t even consider food safety. However, foodborne illness can quickly put a stop to your enjoyment of the game and can leave you seriously ill. Each year, thousands of Americans die due to foodborne illness, and many more require hospitalization. Foodborne illness can happen at any time, and this weekend is a good time to review the basics of preventing illness so you can prevent this common personal injury. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting a campaign to encourage food safety.

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Severe storms, heavy winds and rain, and even tornadoes are not uncommon Florida. Severe weather can have a significant impact on homeowners and residents. Catastrophic weather can cause fallen power lines, damage to homes and businesses, car accidents and other types of personal injury in Homestead and across South Florida.


If you live in Homestead or visiting Florida, knowing how to stay safe in extreme weather is an important part of your safety plan. Here are the tips that will help you stay safe:

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A toddler’s bath time should be a fun time for bonding and for helping children learn the basics of taking care of themselves. However, bathing can also pose a danger for children. Experts agree that children can drown in just a few inches of water, and it can take only a few moments of parental distraction for that to happen.


Proper Supervision is Key

To reduce the risk, it’s important that parents ensure supervision at all times. Any child under the age of four should never be allowed to remain in the water alone, even for a minute. If the doorbell rings or someone needs your attention, wrap the child up and take them with you to avoid leaving them in the bathtub or near the bathtub. Even if you take your child out of the bathtub, they may attempt to climb in and get into trouble.

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In Homestead and in other communities, power outages happen for any number of reasons. Technical problems, overuse, and even bad storms can knock out the power for minutes or hours. Do you know what to do to stay safe when the power goes out?


You can start by following these tips:

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Pools are a major safety concern for parents. In fact, according to economist Steven D. Levitt, swimming pools are about 100 times more likely than a handgun to result in child fatalities. It is time to start treating swimming pools with due care to prevent drownings and near drowning incidents in Hollywood and across the country.


It all starts with how we look swimming pools. When we start taking the same care with swimming pools that we take with other risks, we can reduce the number of swimming pool injuries and fatalities. There are several things you can do if you’d like to play a role in reducing pool risks:

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In Hollywood and across South Florida, homeowners may not choose to have a fireplace because it gets too cold, but fireplaces and wood stoves are still an option for homeowners who want to add light and an attractive feature to their homes. There’s few things as cozy as curling up in front of a stove or fireplace.


However, fireplaces and stoves, while beautiful, do pose a burn and fire hazard. To stay safe and cozy, you will want to:

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Mr. Flaxman is highly skilled and very pleasant to work with. He communicated with me at every step in the process, and clearly presented information relating to my case. To anyone considering retaining his firm, I highly recommend him. Clara Barman
THE BEST. Honest, very knowledgeable, fast and easy. has helped me in numerous situations and has never failed me. Joe Gee
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