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In some cases, it can be clear that a property owner was at fault in an injury case. If a property owner failed to put up signs abut renovations, for example, or failed to properly maintain their Hollywood or Florida property, plaintiffs can seek damages for injuries caused by that negligence. But what happens if your injury was caused by a third person or criminal? Do you have an inadequate security claim? How much security does a property owner have to have to show they aren’t negligent?

First, it’s important to understand what a negligent security claim is. This sort of legal action usually happens after someone is the victim of a crime, such as battery, assault, rape, mugging, or another violent crime that leads to injuries. In these cases, the injured party can pursue legal action against the perpetrator and can help police in criminal charges against the perpetrator. Plaintiffs may also have a claim against the property owner.

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Many people in Miami and other South Florida communities decide to purchase a condo rather than a detached house. In many cases, the more attractive prices, amenities, and the maintenance of common areas make these properties very attractive for busy homeowners. Many elderly persons and people living alone enjoy the extra security features many condo associations offer.


Each month, condo residents pay a fee to their condo association to maintain common property and to pay for amenities. Despite the added protection, however, some condo residents find themselves injured in their buildings. When this happens, who is responsible? What legal choices do residents have?

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If you rent a home in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida and you are injured at home, your landlord may be liable if their negligence or recklessness caused your injuries. This is especially the case if you are injured outside the property or on common areas, such as hallways between apartments or the front entryway to the building.


How can you be sure whether the landlord is liable for your injuries? In many cases, signs of negligence can include:

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When you travel for business or for a vacation to Miami, you expect your hotel to be a comfortable place to retreat after a long day. Hotels in the city can be quiet expensive and of course you expect that these facilities will do all they can to make your stay pleasant and safe. In fact, many guests don’t even think about safety when checking into a hotel. On vacation, many of us turn our usual worries off and we don’t expect to have to be concerned about safety. Unfortunately, this can make us even more vulnerable.

The reality is that many people suffer serious injury in hotels in Miami and across Florida each year. The state attracts many tourists and while some hotels and motels are very careful about guest safety and security, some are not. Some guests suffer head injuries in their Miami hotel rooms due to poor building maintenance or rickety furniture. In some cases, guests become victims of assault, theft, or other crimes because hotels are negligent with security or fail to screen employees. These situations can not only ruin a trip but can also result in devastating and expensive injuries.


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If you have been injured while visiting a restaurant, hotel, or other business establishment, you may have a negligent security or premises liability case in Homestead or your community. This may also be the case if your injuries were caused in someone’s home or when you were visiting a condo or apartment building.

To launch a premises liability case, however, you need to be able to show that the property owner was negligent in providing you with a safe space. In some cases, there may be signs that a property owner has not taken due care to protect visitors to their property. For example, someone who has been injured may notice:

  • Poor lighting on a property
  • Debris on stairways and walkways
  • Lack of fencing or gate around a pool area
  • Dogs running loose on a property
  • Shelving not properly attached
  • Work areas and dangerous areas not blocked off or clearly marked
  • No railings on ramps and stairways
  • Spills on the floor that have not been mopped off
  • No warning signs for dangers
  • Uneven floors
  • Poorly maintained property
  • Broken gates, stairs, windows, and doors

All of these signs could be signs that a property owner has been negligent in providing a safe environment for visitors. If a visitor is injured as a result of this type of recklessness, they may have a legal claim against the property owner and any other liable parties.


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When we dine out, we expect to enjoy good food, a pleasant atmosphere, and good service. Unfortunately, each year diners in Miami and other cities are served up a lot more than just some comfort food. Each year, customers are seriously injured or even killed due to negligent security, poor restaurant maintenance, poor hygiene, and other preventable causes. The most common causes of restaurant-related injury include:

1) Property-related injuries.

Premises liability claims in Miami and Florida often include restaurants and there are many ways that these businesses can fail to protect customers. Spilled food and drink in the dining area, for example, can pose a serious slip and fall hazard. Poorly maintained buildings can literally cause ceiling tiles and fixtures to fall on customers. In some cases, customers have been injured due to uneven floors or decorative items that posed a trip and fall hazards. Restaurants are expected to create a safe as well as pleasant dining experience; when they fail to do so, they can be held liable if diners are injured.

food safety

Are you taking a risk when you dine out?

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At this time of year, high school graduates are looking forward to moving onto campus and starting their college careers. It can be a nerve-racking time for parents. Unfortunately, sports injuries in Miami and other types of injuries are quite common on college campuses both in the city and across the state. To keep your child safe or, you will want to:

1) Make sure your child has a cell phone with emergency numbers on it.

Emergency numbers should include the police, friends, and campus security. Unfortunately, assault and sexual assault on Miami and Florida campuses are all too common. Your child should be able to quickly contact someone in an emergency in the event that they do become a target.

2) Do a quick check of dorm room security.

Dorm rooms can be targets for theft and in some cases become the sites for assault. When dropping your child off at school, check to see what policies are in place to control the flow of visitors and residents into the building. Make sure that the buildings and doors are secure and that other safety systems are in place.


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