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At this time of year, there may be more truck traffic at your home. You may be getting home décor items delivered, getting new furniture for entertaining, or getting someone to help with outdoor decorations. Many delivery drivers are busier than ever at this time of year and many service trucks are also on the road for longer hours as more of us get ready for the season.


Increased delivery truck traffic is not all bad; it can actually be safer for you. Getting someone to hang your holiday lights for you, for example, can help you avoid the risk of a serious fall injury. Having a store deliver large items (such as furniture) is also much safer than trying to squeeze large items in your car until your visibility is compromised.

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Trucks have to share the road not only with other vehicles but also with pedestrians and bicyclists. It can be especially dangerous at intersections in cities, where there are multiple users of the road all heading in different directions. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents involving trucks happen all too often in crosswalks and on intersections in Hollywood and other South Florida cities.


These types of pedestrian-truck accidents can be especially devastating. The size of the truck is simply no match for a pedestrian, and fatalities as well as permanent injury are all too common in these types of crashes. According to FDOT, everyone has a responsibility to prevent pedestrian accidents. Truck drivers, passenger car drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists all need to be aware that:

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News agencies have reported that autonomous, driver-less trucks will be on Florida roads before 2016. According to news reports, these will be the first self-driving trucks to see wide-spread use on US highways. The trucks will be equipment with sensors, lights, and read-end crash barriers. The vehicles will follow a lead car and use GPS waypoints.


It all means you likely won’t see a truck without anyone driving it navigating the roads alone. Instead, what you’ll likely see is a crash truck working alongside a construction crew. One truck will be operated by a professional truck driver and the rest of the trucks will follow in line. These trucks will have clear signs to help alert you. The highly visible trucks are known as crash trucks and they help protect highway crews from pedestrian accidents.

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Ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars save lives. When they are rushing by to get to an emergency, other motorists are required to get out of the way. When emergency vehicles with lights flashing are parked on the side of the road to assist others, drivers are expected to leave plenty of room and to slow down to prevent hitting emergency crews or their vehicles.


Despite these rules, many truck accidents and broadside crashes  in Miami Beach and surrounding areas each year involve emergency vehicles. Some motorists refuse to yield to emergency trucks while in other instances the speed traveled by emergency vehicles causes a collision. There are ways to prevent these roadway collisions, fortunately:

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There are far fewer school bus accidents in Homestead and other communities than car accidents. One reason for that is that most drivers are much more careful around school buses than around average cars. In fact, there are laws in place to ensure that drivers use extra caution around vehicles transporting school children.

Now, a new law may help prevent waste truck accidents in Homestead and other Florida cities by getting motorists to slow down and show more caution around waste and recycling trucks. The new Florida law covers waste and recycling trucks under the same law that covers emergency vehicles.

Across the country, more than 135,000 men and women work with waste and recycling trucks, keeping streets and communities clean. These workers are especially vulnerable to workplace accidents in Homestead and other communities across the country, and one of the big risks in this industry has to do with pedestrian accidents. Waste and recycling trucks make frequent stops and when they do, trucking collisions can occur. In addition, workers from these trucks need to approach the curb and cross the street in order to pick up items from the curb. This puts these workers at risk, especially if drivers around them are distracted or try to drive around a stopped waste or recycling truck. The new law aims to address this common cause of injury.

waste trucks

New Florida laws intended to prevent waste truck collisions

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