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The school year is almost beginning and for some children the school year will start within a matter of days. Most children spend much of their school year in the classroom and on the playground, and while schools usually do everything possible to keep children safe, parents can help reduce the risk of childhood injury in Hollywood or their community with these tips:


1) Prevent back injuries with a safe backpack.

Children today carry a lot of homework with them, and all of those books and notebooks can put a lot of pressure on growing spines. Make sure your child avoids back injury by purchasing a backpack with solid, padded straps. Encourage your child to wear their backpack using both straps so the weight is evenly distributed. At home, make sure your child has a healthy and safe environment for doing homework. This should include an ergonomic chair and good lighting to prevent back and eye strain.

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If your children are off to college this year, do they have everything they need to have not only a perfect school year but also safe one? Many students and parents aren’t thinking about fire safety when they pack up the car for the dorm or for off-campus housing. However, dorms and student housing units can be especially vulnerable to fire because there are so many students sharing the spaces.


There are a few ways to keep your children safe:

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Moving away for college is a big opportunity, but if your teen is looking forward to moving into their first apartment or dorm room, you may have some concerns. You have a right to be worried. Teens may not understand the best ways to stay safe in dorm rooms or in their first apartment. Here are a few ways you can help them move safely:


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Any repeated and malicious communication through electronic means –whether through cell phones, computers, mobile devices, or any other devices – is considered cyberbullying and is against the law in Florida. This crime can involve sending unwanted and harmful messages or other forms of communication intended to harm.

It is also a serious concern for parents – and with good reason. About one in four children have been victims of cyberbullying, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center (CRC). In many cases, children who have been targeted struggle with schoolwork, find their relationships affected, and suffer serious stress. Some withdraw or engage in self-harm. Some even commit suicide.


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Every day, you send your children off to school to get an education. You hope that your child’s time at school gives them a chance to make friends and creates the opportunity for a brighter future. Unfortunately, about 4 million children and teens across the country are injured on school property or while in the care of their schools each year.


Most school administrators and teachers genuinely care about their students and work hard to make sure that all their students are safe. Unfortunately, bad policies, negligence, budget cuts, and overcrowded classrooms can mean that school injuries happen even with the best intentions. No parent wants to get that devastating call from the school, telling them that their child has been injured. Families who have suffered a school injury in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida deserve answers and support.

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Playgrounds can be a great option for parents with small children. They can be a fun outdoor play area where children can get exercise and fresh air while learning basic social skills. While millions of children use playgrounds without incident, unfortunately some poorly maintained playgrounds can be a hazard for your child and do lead to head injuries, facial injuries, and other serious injury in Tamarac and other Florida communities.


According to the National Program For Playground Safety, next week is National Playground Safety Week. The organization reports that 200 000 children across the country get injured on playgrounds each year. However, there are several ways that you can keep your child safe or on the playground this year:

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The Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention released a study last month finding that football coaches with a sports-based education may help make football safer for young athletes. Researchers examined data for about 2,108 athletes between the ages 5 and 15. The study found that the football athletes were 43% less likely to sustain concussions in practices and 29% less likely to sustain a concussion when playing a game if their coaches had taken part in the USA Football “Heads-Up Football” training program.

The study is important in that it suggests that all coaches are not made alike. Whether a parent is choosing a coach for afterschool practice or a school is hiring an athletic director for their sports department, experience and training matter. There many ways that we can ensure that our children can avoid sports injuries in Hollywood and across Florida:


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A new law in the state aims to prevent concussions among student athletes in Miami and the rest of Florida. HB-291 requires that student athletes be removed from practice or a game if it appears they may have sustained a head injury or a concussion during a school athletic activity or event. Injured athletes require written permission from a doctor to return to play. Thirty states now have similar legislation.

sports injuries

There is certainly a need for more prevention. Statistics show that 90% of the 300 000 brain and head injuries reported among high school athletes each year are concussions. Under the new Florida law, students who have sustained a head injury will return to sports gradually. They are not allowed back on the field the day they have sustained their injury and they must re-enter the sport with gradual activity, then moderate sport activity, then supervised activity. They can only return to contact sports after a doctor has agreed, in writing, that they are fit to do so.

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School bus accidents in Homestead and Florida are thankfully not very common. School bus drivers are trained to transport children safely and passenger car drivers are taught to slow down and stop when children are entering or disembarking a bus. While car accident collisions are far more common, however, this does not mean that school buses are completely safe. Unfortunately, some negligent drivers illegally drive around school buses that are stopped, putting children at risk.


If your child uses school buses in Homestead or any Florida community, you will want to teach your child a few safety tips to ensure that they can avoid a pedestrian collision, even if drivers are negligent:

1) Teach your child to look both ways when getting off a bus.

While children may simply rush into moving traffic, expecting it to be stopped, there may be drivers who ignore the rules. Teach your child to look for traffic before proceeding. This is a good skill that will help them when they walk to school, too.

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Campuses in Miami and other Florida cities have security teams and safety policies to keep students safe. The aim of colleges is to provide a good education to students, but these organizations are also expected by law to take reasonable steps to keep students safe from harm.

dorm injuries

Unfortunately, as a number of recent events at the University of Florida and other campuses has shown, campuses can attract violence and crime. To stay safe at school, college students will want to follow these tips:

1) Keep doors and windows locked.

In many cases, violence such as assault on Miami and Florida campuses can occur because campuses are open spaces. At most schools, virtually anyone can wander onto a campus. Some students choose to keep their doors or windows open all night, and this can make accessing the dorms even easier. Getting a sturdy lock for the door and keeping doors closed and locked can help control who enters the dorms.

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