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Residents of Florida often enjoy great benefits by going on cruises, since the port of Miami is so close by. In addition, many visitors come to Miami and surrounding areas on their cruise ships. Cruises can be a great way to meet others, explore the world, and learn new things.


While Florida may be a popular destination for cruises, however, cruise ships themselves are not without their problems. Each year, thousands of people are injured and some are even killed on cruise ships and while embarking or disembarking from ships. If you have suffered an injury on board a cruise ship or while on a cruise, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case review.

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Now that children will be home from school, you may want to send your child off to summer camp, science camp, or another type of summer program. These programs can be a great way for your child to learn, spend time with others, and have fun during the summer months. It can also be a good way to give you a break and let you get other things done.


Most summer programs and activities are very safe for children and most directors who run these programs take great care to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child. Nevertheless, injuries at camp and at summer programs can and do occur. Camp injuries in Hollywood and South Florida can result in head injuries, eye injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries.

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Summertime is a wonderful time to live in Miami. There are concerts, beaches, and plenty of special events to explore. However, summer are also comes with its own range of hazards and risks. Each year, some local residents and visitors are rushed to the emergency room with serious injuries and some hospitals report increased instances of injuries during the summer months.


In order to stay safe in Miami this season, make sure that you:

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At this time of year, many colleges have their spring breaks, and this means that students from across the country head to Florida and Miami in order to take advantage of the beaches and spring break activities available. For most students, spring break is a fun time to get away from the books and to enjoy life. Unfortunately, spring break can also lead to serious injuries.

Students can find themselves in car accidents in Miami, far from home, or can find themselves affected by mugging, theft, or sexual assault. If you or someone you love is headed for spring break, consider these safety tips to create only good memories this year:


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For most people, St. Patrick’s Day is a lighthearted holiday filled with good cheer, parades, green T-shirts, and Irish pride. Unfortunately, due to the high alcohol content at many St. Patrick’s Day events, the holiday can end in injury or even tragedy. If you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with a house party or at a public event in Hollywood or your ocmmunity, make sure that you have a plan to stay safe and avoid injury. Your plan should include:

1) A buddy system.

You will be safer if you consume alcohol with friends and family, especially if some of your friends are staying sober. Buddies can ensure that you are not at risk of getting mugged, falling over, or sustaining other injuries because you’ve been drinking.


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Miami and surrounding areas have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Each year, residents and visitors alike flock to these beaches in order to enjoy themselves. While most beachgoers leave with a suntan and some great pictures, each year some people are injured near the water due to preventable accidents. If you are headed for the sun and surf, make sure that you:

1) Check conditions before you go.

Look up surf conditions and avoid swimming when red or yellow flags indicate that swimming is prohibited or dangerous. Check the tide schedule and temperature so that you are prepared for the conditions.


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Each year, tourists arrive in Miami and the rest of South Florid to enjoy our state beaches, climate, and sun. While South Florida is a safe place to travel and while the state takes significant precautions to keep tourists and residents alike safe, it is important for visitors to take precautions and to take responsibility for their own safety. If you are new to Florida, make sure that you follow these safety tips:


1) Be prepared for the sun and heat.

The sun can be especially intense in the early afternoon and late morning, when sunburn, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion can become real problems – even if you are not arriving in the dead of summer. Apply sunscreen and seek shade. Stay hydrated and eat small meals to fight the heat. If you start to feel too warm or faint or tired, go inside.

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