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Tanker Truck Explosions in Hollywood and the USA

Tanker trucks carry highly unstable liquids and can be used to transport hazardous materials, such as gas. A recent federal investigation in California following two tanker truck explosions linked to one company has shone the spotlight on tanker safety.


U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations regulate tanker safety in Hollywood, Florida and across the country. Among other requirements, these standards establish what constitutes correct maintenance and repairs of tankers carrying dangerous cargo. For example, when repairs involving welding are needed on these commercial tankers, U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations require only professionals with certification are permitted to complete the welding work on the trucks.

The federal regulations also try to crack down on “chameleon carriers.” These are trucking companies which are in violation of safety rules and attempt to dodge the law by changing company names. In some cases, these truck companies continue to use the same unsafe practices or tankers which promoted inspections or safety measures in the first place. With new names, ownership, and sometimes location, they are hard to track down and stop.

The High Cost of Violating Safety Rules

Federal and state rules regarding tankers are there to protect drivers and other users of the road. When unsafe tankers drive on the roads, they are a risk to everyone on the highways. Tankers carrying fuel can catch on fire and explode in a collision, which can cause serious injuries to nearby cars, multi-vehicle accidents, environmental damage, and even damage to nearby homes and properties. Drivers in the truck and anyone in the radius may be injured. The collisions can cause burns, head injuries, and even fatalities.

Unsafe tankers may also be at greater risk of collisions in the first place. When companies are not following safety rules, they may be cutting corners by not properly caring for their fleets, which can mean the tankers are unstable or more prone to mechanical failure. This can make collisions more likely.

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