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Targeting Distracted Truckers

Distracted drivers in Hollywood and Florida cause all kinds of traffic collisions, including pedestrian accidents, truck crashes, and car collisions, to name just a few. When drivers are daydreaming or are focusing on mobile devices or a conversation rather than the road they may not notice another car or a pedestrian in time to avoid a crash.


Big rigs and tractor trailers can be especially dangerous when driven by a distracted driver. These vehicles are larger and heavier, with a higher center of gravity. If a driver is distracted, 18 wheelers and commercial trucks can crush smaller cars in their way and can cause a multi-vehicle pileup. They can also rollover and cause catastrophic collisions.

The NTSB Wants to Get Serious About Distracted Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has listed trucking safety as one of its core priorities for 2015. As part of that, the agency would like to see improvements to safety systems and underride guards. One of the ways that the NTSB thinks that trucking safety could be addressed is through more a focus on distracted drivers.

The NTSB would like better enforcement of current rules, which ban interstate commercial truckers from texting or using handheld devices on the road. The agency would also like to see a ban on hands-free devices and all use of phones. Currently, federal laws prohibit truck drivers from texting while driving. However, the NTSB points out that research has shown that hands-free devices can also be distracting.

Stopping Distracted Driving

A number of high profile truck and commercial vehicle accidents over the past several years have involved drivers who were texting at the time of their crash. However, it is difficult to enforce no cellphone and no texting rules on the road. Drivers can easily hide a mobile device in front of them as they drive. Any attempt to disrupt signals in the cab could also disrupt radio communications needed for the job.

Technology may be able to help. There are in-cab cameras that can analyze where a driver is looking and how often they blink, sending out an audio alert if the driver is fatigued (and slowly closing his or her eyes) or is not focused on the road. The problem is that some truck drivers are not comfortable with having no privacy and being on camera all day. In addition, some truck companies balk at the costs associated with installing and using the technology.

Of course, lawsuits caused by distracted and dangerous drivers may cost a trucking company even more money. An investment in safety now could help save lives and help protect a company against expensive legal action.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group are part of the Hollywood community and have seen distracted drivers on our area’s roads far too often. The attorneys at our law firm believe that dangerous drivers should be held accountable, so if you have been injured by a distracted driver give our offices a call to set up a free consultation. Our caring legal team can explain your rights to you and can help you see whether you have a legal claim. Our law firm has the resources to aggressively pursue your case and handle all the details so that you can focus on recovery.

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