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Technology Used to Prevent Truck Accidents

Technology and truck design has been used to prevent trucking collisions in Homestead and across the country for many years. In fact, some of the earliest safety features – such as the seatbelt – are still among the most important safety devices we have today.


Today’s most promising technology to help prevent trucking collisions includes:

1) Solar roads.

Although still not widely adopted, solar roads are panels of durable material that designers claim are less subject to potholes and other dangers. These roads can also warn drivers of obstructions and slow traffic up ahead, giving drivers more time to respond to dangers.

2) Blind spot sensors.

Sensors on trucks today can help identify if a vehicle is in the truck driver’s blind spot – even if the driver does not check. Depending on the system, the car will either sound an alarm or prevent the truck from turning if there is a car in the blind spot and the truck driver may steer into them.

3) Crash prevention systems

These systems have sensors and use algorithms to warn drivers when the car in front or behind is too close. If a truck tries to tailgate too close, the system sounds an alarm. These systems can also get brakes ready for sudden stops so skidding is less of a factor.

4) Lane departure warning systems

Distracted or fatigued drivers may drift into other lanes or even off the road, potentially causing serious crashes. Lane departure warning systems use cameras and sensors to determine whether a driver is staying in between the lines. If a driver starts to drift, the system emits a sound to makes the wheel vibrate to alert the driver.

5) Self-driving trucks.

Self-driving trucks essentially use sensors and algorithms to drive the vehicle forward. Since the system cannot get tired or make human errors, they can dramatically decrease the likelihood of truck accidents.

6) Driver cams.

Driver cams are installed the cab and give a view of the driver’s face. Some of the systems even automatically signal if the driver closes their eyes for too long (indicated drowsiness) or takes their eyes off the road too long (indicating distraction). There is some controversy with driver cams, however, as some feel they intrude on driver privacy.

Not all trucking companies decide to install potentially the newest technology or devices – even if the devices promise to prevent accidents. In some cases, trucking companies are not sure whether the new technology is truly effective. In other cases, budgetary concerns determine whether these devices are installed.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident caused by a mechanical defect or by incorrect maintenance of a trucking fleet, you may have a claim. Contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation to find out more.

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