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Train Derailments in Homestead and other Communities

In late July of this year, a train derailment in Tampa led to an ethanol spill. Unfortunately, train derailments in Homestead, Tampa, and other Florida communities occur each year and in some cases cause severe damage and injuries.


Train derailments and accidents in Florida occur due to a number of reasons, including:

• Human error
• Mechanical defects with the train, tracks, or other equipment
• Excessive speed
• Obstruction or debris on the tracks
• Distracted drivers
Train accidents can affect freight trains, passenger trains, trolleys, skyways, subways, and other train systems. Due to the size and force of a train, the impact of a train accident or derailment can be dramatic. Serious spills, fires, and damage are likely to occur. Passengers and bystanders can sustain many serious injuries, including:

• Burns
• Amputations
• Fractures
• Spinal cord injuries
• Head injuries
• Fatalities
In many cases, the injuries from a train accident are far more severe than the injuries sustained in a car accident in Homestead or another Florida community. Yet, car insurance often does not cover these costs. It is up to injured passengers and bystanders to seek fair compensation for lost income, medical costs, and other expenses related to their injury.

Train companies are often large corporations and have teams of attorneys working on their behalf. They may offer injured victims a small amount for their injuries. However, this amount may not cover the full cost of injuries, especially if the injuries are long-term and require months or years of care. A head injury in Homestead or anywhere in Florida, for example, may require months of specialized medical care and rehabilitation. Even a soft tissue injury may require many visits to the doctor, time away from work, and expensive treatments.

In many cases, victims can benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or their community about their injuries – before signing anything. This can help victims determine the likely costs of their injuries as well as all their options. If there are multiple injured parties or multiple liable parties, speaking to lawyers can help victims secure fairer compensation for their injuries.

Attorneys can also often seek evidence of negligence and can negotiate for fairer compensation on behalf of patients. They can also conduct an independent investigation of the accident to find all liable parties. In cases where there are multiple liable parties, victims may have a better chance of recovering fair compensation.

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