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Why Truck Accidents Need to be a Consideration This Halloween

During the Halloween season, car drivers and parents are cautioned to be extra cautious about trick-or-treaters and the risk of pedestrian accidents on October 31. However, keep in mind that even during the day of the 31st, you need to be concerned about more than candy and car drivers. Truck accidents can be a concern on Halloween, too.


On the evening of October 31, trucks are generally not to be found around residential areas. Many deliveries are over by the time Halloween trick or treating starts. However, truck accidents in Hollywood and south Florida can still be a concern at this time of year for three main reasons:

  • Hayride and Halloween wagon rides are a worry. Last year, one hayride ended in tragedy and serious injury. In fact, each time that Halloween wagon rides, hayrides and tours happened, there is a risk. These types of activities may not necessarily involve regular tour operators or professional drivers. If you’re going to be taking part in a Halloween hayride or any kind of Halloween tour, check to make sure that you’re dealing with a qualified and experienced tour operator as well as a qualified driver. Keep children in the hay wagon or truck firmly, which may be a challenge since hayrides generally don’t involve seatbelts. Keep children from distracting the driver as well.
  • Morning waste trucks and commercial trucks need to be considered. Children often wear their costumes all day on Halloween, especially if their school is having a special event for the day. This means that during the morning and afternoon commute, truck safety still has to be considered. In fact, kids may be more distracted than usual because they’re excited about Halloween, which means they may not notice dump trucks or commercial trucks in the neighborhood. In addition, costumes, wigs, masks and other parts of their costume may interfere with their visibility. Make sure kids are wearing reflective costumes and use makeup rather than masks to ensure that they can see clearly. This is also good day to drop off your kids or to ensure they have proper supervision just to give them an extra layer of safety.
  • Light trucks will still be present on the roads. Light trucks such as pickup trucks are still driving around on Halloween and even Halloween night. Make sure there is adequate supervision for all trick-or-treaters to ensure they don’t step in front of or around these trucks, which have larger blind spots when compared with passenger cars.

While it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for cars and other vehicles, don’t forget that trucks also pose a danger on Halloween. Stay vigilant, especially when your child is wearing a costume. Many Halloween costumes are dark and may not necessarily be clearly visible to drivers.

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